Monday, September 30, 2013

Random thoughts: looming US shutdown

Since US debt rating is downgraded by S&P, I never fail to marvel in the level of dysfunction at Washington. NO, this post is not about glazing into the crystal ball and how we should time the market, this post is about how I feel about governance at the highest level.

I used to appreciate US diversity and the respect for minority interest and rights. Then two things changed my view for good, and again, became an example of nothing is what it seems.

First, Congress hooligan tactics. I think that is worse than the ah Bengs in Singapore. I believed in detailed debates, and hard fought consensus so that no one get marginalized. But, I also believe in respecting the system. Obama has passed the healthcare law, too bad you don't have a majority in Congress then, fine, go to the supreme court, but the supreme court has already uphold that law.

Please do not take American citizens as fools, if the bill is really without any merits, you can change the law when you make a clean sweep of Congress, Senate, and the white house. If not, stop holding the whole country hostage.

I am fine with negotiating, given that I work in the service sector, I am most of the time obligating to requests. But take a good look at your own behavior. When I am ready to compromise, you push your luck, when I refused, you threatened me that you will burn my house. How to compromise? When Obama is willing to tackle the social security, the republicans refused to compromise, that is a chance lost. Now, they used the debt ceiling to force someone to the table.

I know no politics, I just understand that with the power of politics, one should share some common good with the common people. Forget about that, just be competent enough not to be a laughing stock to the world.

Next, lack of leadership to do the right thing.

The TEA caucus is not actually that big, law can be passed with bipartisan efforts, but it seems stretching over to the other party is a dirty word. The TEA caucus do not mind losing their electoral seat or do not have a good political career. But the leader is afraid of not being able to keep their speaker job? Might as well ask the pupils to teach the teachers, and children to work and parents to go to school. Leaders mean leading, not following.

Also look at how powerful NRA is? Nobody is talking about banning arms, just assault weapons. Who need assault weapons for self-defense? Fine, you need assault weapon, how about more checks? NOthing is passed... After so many children died... sickening

I am really glad I lived in Singapore, I do wish for more deliberation in policy making and consultation, but I for one never believed in ransom politics. If you need anything, ask properly, don't threaten to burn my house and ask me to work with you! I want leaders to work for their country first, then their parties. Just like teachers caring for their kids first before worrying about their colleagues and principal.

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