Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Market in correction mode- silly investor making silly purchases

The market has bee in correction mode despite the general more upbeat macro numbers both in US and Singapore. Again tapering is quoted as a result. To me, even if tapering do start in dec, it is not a bad thing if u buy sound companies.

In fact, I feel that market is just going thro a correction and tapering is just a excuse.

The recent correction have trigger several accumulation of counters.

I bought more of HPHT, and did the CD and XD thing to stretch my dividend yield for SPH. Buying back at $4 and selling at 4.24 sure beat the dividend of 15 cents. My initial purchase price is at 4.03. Haha for details,refer to valuebuddies.

I am still on holiday with family at Vietnam so will be rather slow with blog posts, I can't do serious research here too, it's tiring traveling with young kids.

But I thought I will blog about my silly impulse and the various riggers points I will be looking at should market decline further.

SPH at 3.6
Lippomall at 0.36
Golden Agri at 48c
Hpht at 70c
Nam lee at 28c
APPT 68 c

I will not accumulate sabana although it has fallen about 10% which will usually put in on my alert list. Frankly I am very disappointed with management

I might also buy more of YZJ if it goes to a dollar, but I think that will be unlikely. Lee metals is stable, dun think there is much chance for accumulation.

Do note that the above stated price is for consideration I might buy at higher or lower price or might not buy at all, if. All counters hit accumulation price at same time. I do not have unlimited ammo, although my stable job and income help beef up my war chest.

Hoping silly investor get his silly tactics right. I will blog about why I have faith in my counters when I get back Singapore



  1. Hey Sillyinvestor,

    You doing a Kopikat with SPH ;)

    Eh? You know this lao jiao trick?

    Have fun in Vietnam!


  2. Haha Jared seah, SMOL,

    Was wondering if it will still work since so many know about it. Guess that market is going through correction help. If I can do a XD and cd trick all the time think I might get 6.5 -7% yield

    Kopikat is MiA for so long.