Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random thoughts- what does the movie "The hobbit" remind me of in investment?

Not to trust reviews ( analyst reports) for big name movie (company)

I remember reading somewhere from peterlynch books that it is easier forgiven to be wrong about the big names, than to be wrong about a small company. Who can one blame if a big company cover by so many analysts underperformed, but be damned if u choose a under radar company and it didn't turn out well.

I catch "the storm" a Chinese movie by Andy lau and "the hobbit" on the same day with my wife. Prior to the movie, reviews gave the Andy lau show 2.5 stars and hobbit 4 stars.

Here is what I will give, 3 stars for the storm and 1.5 stars for hobbit.

Review mentioned the plot for the storm is over- played, too many twists and draggy, and the romance story redundant. Well, the romance story is a key part leading to the twist and definitely not redundant, there isn't much mushy scenes, it is still a very man show. If there is deeper thoughts put in to improve logicality and realism in the movie, I would have given it 3.5 stars. I do feel emotional stirred watching the show.

I was yawning watching the hobbit, feel like sleeping and went to the toilet in the middle of the show to freshen myself and realised I didn't miss anything.

In any movie, u need 3 elements, a great plot/story, good actors and visual enjoyment. Of the three, the first is most important, and the later 2 are used to bring out the 1st, and the first will affect the room of maneuver of actors. ( think of it as business, managers and public relation/presentation ) warren choose business over managers because he felt sooner or later, a idiot will run the business.

The 1 star I gave for hobbit is for visual by most of it felt dry since I have seen it in lord of the rings and there is no wow factor anymore. In fact, the mountains, towns, orcs, spiders look like it has been recycled. 0.5 for acting, they did ok, but with such a flat plot, who can blame the actors?

The whole show is basically a chase and run show. While Tom cruise, bratt pit have several chase and run theme movie, the resolution is always a suspense. How will they finally get away? But for hobbit, I know they will reach the mountain anyway. And the resolution in getting out of trouble?please la, just wear the ring and be invisible (yawn*).

Well, there could be some suspense in dealing with the dragon, and this is the part I will puke!! You just need big black steel arrow??!! And legends has it that one of the scale has came off already? Are all dwarfs idiots? Are the humans in the nearest port town idiots? There is only 1 black arrow left? The humans won't build more black arrows caltput just in case and for defense? Ok fine! Maybe that will provoke the dragon. Then?!! How about a contingency when the dragon is bored and fly out for a attack? An underground tunnel, an evacuation plan? Poor humans, they seem so helpless when they think of an attack but never thought of moving away!! And dwarfs!! U are venturing into the dragon lair and u didn't prepare the arrows? And the dwarf king has the audacity to comment had the human had been on target using the black arrow, the present could be vastly different? Er... No lor, because no one is intelligent enough to make arrows!! Not magical arrow whose material is hard to find! Arrows made of steel!!

Also, I thought the hobbit will answer some qns, like how is the ring forged? The 7 kings, how did they fall under the spell? Why not dwarfs and elves??

Lousy!! And to think the movie got some many good reviews !!


  1. LOL!

    Could it be you watched the Storm with little or no expectations?

    And you went to the Hobbit with too many expectations and questions?

    I wonder what would have happened if you had not read any reviews prior...

  2. No la, Peter Jackson just want to milk the franchise. It's of little value even if I go with little expectations ...

    Hahaha. Although I expect quite a bit from better Jackson

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