Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random thoughts- strange how my preferences change so much with age?

I just realized my taste and preferences change a lot.

I listen to FM 88.3 now, and pay a lot of attention to the lyrics and the instruments behind the music. I used to just like the rhythm and the "feeling" behind it.

I loved to go KTV and sing, now I just like listening to oldies. Would u believe if I tell u I actually went youtube to listen to Michael's smooth criminal again just last month.

I used to find music boring, I needed pop songs. I like the sing of flute and string instruments now. ( I dun even know what it is called, nope it's not violin, it is bigger, Chairlo??). I say I listen and enjoy it, I didn't say I know how to appreciate it.

During my university days, there is a module on Chinese philosophy, I really enjoy that, It broaden my perspectives. I however really read it to ace my exam, I didn't touch them after the exams. Now, I actually google dao de Jin to refresh my memory a few days ago. Some phrases which didn't make sense suddenly make some sense to me. I even read in details one chapter today, but I realized my understanding differ that of the translation and explanation quite a bit.

Hmm.. It is my age or the investment journey?

What is the most precious commodity after kinship and health? Time.

Live and appreciate the present now.


  1. I think you meant cello

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    I think you are too young to be going through male menopause.

    So let's cross-out hormonal changes ;)

    I guess you are mellowing like fine wine? I think that sounds better than aging?


    My knowledge of Chinese philosophies came from Tsai Chih Chung's (蔡志忠) comics.

    Free write something on philosophy and we exchange pointers?

    Yum sheng!

  3. Hi SMol,

    I was wondering if I will get a reply from u on this.

    I did think of writing something about my random thoughts about philosophy, but not sure how to pitch it... Think not will sound weird.

    I did write a piece in what I think o the world, not actually from Lao Zi or the likes, just my thoughts... But after publishing it fr 2 minutes, I sent it to the draft again, not sure if people will think I am weird or mad!! Haha

  4. sillyinvestor,

    Baby steps.

    In real life, we often say the opposite of how we really feel or think. So sharing them in public can be like standing nude in the street... Of course they will stare!

    My trick is to use metaphors. You will find yours in due time.

    Those on the Tao (you don't have to be Taoist to be on the Tao, phew!) will understand what I wrote.

    The majority who don't understand will leave me alone when I go star-light tanning in my birthday suit ;)

    Caution: Just don't have a habit of walking into other people's pants and we shall do OK.


  5. Everything is a matter of Time.
    Civilisation is a matter of Time.
    What we don't understand and appreciate now if given enough time of exposure, we perhaps may one day.

    i allow myself to listen to all types of music and song.
    i don't bother if some people think i am strange or crazy.
    Anyway how do we learn to be more cultured?

    So it is with wine drinking.
    Don't bother about what the snobs say.
    Drinking wine needs to be cultured too

    Enjoy your life journey of culture.
    i think the same with investment.
    You need time to culture.

  6. Great advice,
    Maybe I will pitch it using metaphors of investments... Hahaha...

    Agree that we are different online and offline, we are different with different people, we say things that we do not feel about, or we feel things that we do not see.

    But which is real? Online or offload, what u say or what u feel?? Tao no real no fake, all real all fake, fake get real real get fake.

    Haha getting the hang of it isn't it. When u cannot persuade, confuse...

  7. Time...

    Everyone has 24 hours, but everyone has a different length of day, stretch further, days, weeks, months, years and a lifetime.

    Some have such an abundance of life, in pursuit of goals, some passes by without wen notice the passing of time.

    Sorry, Kena SMOL poison, cannot think straight after 1 heavy dose of work and project with 2 more tasks waiting.

    Siao!! Is my second name

  8. Hi Silly Investor

    Though i am definitely younger than you ( will be 28 this yr ) , i do agree with you our preferences will change with/ over time .

    Used to splurge on those "street-wear" brand shirts ( one t-shirt $130 ) or luxury items with my national service allowance during national service without blinking an eye.

    All these stuffs really do not benefit much in anyway other than the eyes with envy or maybe jealousy on you for that few moments. Their value will depreciate over time like car ( but hey at least u still can drive a car haha)

    Now i would like to save more than i spent after coming out to the real working world.

    Money is hard to earn , easy to spend .


    Small-Time Investor

  9. Hi small time investor,

    They always say its easy to spend more than spend less. If u can cut down on expenses, even if its vanity items, it's not mean feat.

    Given your young age, and thy u already start learning about value investing ( been to your blog, glad u are not those chasing after fast money), I am sure u will do much better when u are my age. I am tuning 35.

    I never had a soft spot for brands. U am glad u are enlightened now, and is not spinning cash for companies ... Haha

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