Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sold Yangzijiang

Just to update readers here. I just sold all my shares of YZJ.

I am not sure if anyone follow me to buy YZJ, but nonetheless, my reason, your call.

This news is the trigger:

Rail company calls for investigation into shipbuilding tycoon Ren Yuanlin

I believe Yuan to be a capable businessman with good connections with local government. Nonetheless, I like to hold on to more cash to await opportunity. Apparently, the news is already 2 days old, but market do not care. I care though. Ren is the key factor in the YZJ equation.

Just to keep readers heads-up, not a buy or sell call.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! Not vested but it is one of the stock that created quite a buzz a few years back

  2. Solid decision, as reflected in today share price. Unfortunately, such problems still face S-Chips

  3. Thanks solace, I consider myself very lucky.

    The news is already 3 days old when it surfaced. And the price went up!! I tot what the hey is market thinking.

    Usually by the time I know, it is too late. Wonder why market is so slow in reaction? I genuinely thought it will be a non issue since its old news. It just conincide with the decision to hold more cash.

    Lucky me.

    I am still lamenting how unlucky I am to advise my MIL and wife to take profits just a day before the alibaba announcement. Look like luck has no deserted me afterall

  4. YJZ popped this morning, new ship orders coming in from Fortescue in Oz. Lets see if it will go back to $1.10-1.15 with this positive news to counter the Tianjin Guoheng damper a few weeks ago.

  5. Hi Stevens,

    Congrats, I am already out, but enjoy the ride.

    Never doubt the shipping business, just monitor the HTM closely.

    Markets has brush aside the HTM rightly or wrongly

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