Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random thoughts: Having a holiday in Singapore

Its holiday season for me, hence the frequency of my blogging.

I told my family, let's not go overseas this time, just chill in Singapore. I realized Singapore can be quite fun, and I can save on lodging and air-ticket.

I brought both parents, (in-law, and mine),  out. My parents to the SEA aquarium, and my in-laws to night safari. Brought my kid and niece to Singapore Zoo, Singapore Flyer. Catch movies with my wife, and kid. I still have time to attend investment seminar and do a lot of company prospecting.

Actually, I don't understand why the craze to go overseas for a holiday. Isn't this just great, I have plenty of time to monitor the market, read and go Jalan Jalan.

I find Singapore beautiful, the Marina Bay area is no less stunning at night compared to the Bund at Shanghai. The weather is too humid for comfort, that is the only grouse.

I went shopping at the newly opened westgate (Ok, not that new), like that place a lot. Plenty of cafes and eateries, having a tea and reading a book is just cool.

Why rush all over the place in 1 week overseas?




  1. silllyinvestor,

    Things do once in a while is refreshing and nice!

    Try bringing your kid to the zoo next holiday period and you'll know ;)

    And if we "extend" your holidays to 3 months, see how fast you'll wish to get back to the office!


  2. Er ... SMOL,

    I brought my kid to the zoo I think 3-4 times a year...

    2nd time on flyers

    All on Coporate pass hahaha

    3 months ... Maybe ... But knowing myself, I will find something to do.. Maybe work for u? U got sales lombang?? No need basic pay LOL

  3. Hi Sillyinvestor

    Ahh... walking with the pace of life, I like that.

    If you have something you would like to do, go out there to accomplish it.

    If you feel bored, find some "work" to kill your boredomness and replay the whole cycle again.

    Watch your kid grow up to become adult one day, how time has fly past you might feel.

    With the amount of flexibility, time is no longer an issue here. Holidaying in Singapore has just become a fantastic option to explore.

  4. Er B,

    I think u are mistaken, I am on leave, not retiring or financially free.

    I will need to slog like a dog in a few days time.

    But at least I get some decent break twice a year

  5. Oh! Wow! That's interesting!

    I visited the zoo, bird park, and night safari last year - courtesy of my Amex points.

    My track record shows I visit the zoo once every 10 years!?

    If you ask most Singaporeans whether they have been to the zoo recently, you'll draw a blank.

    Ask them about Hong Kong or Bangkok? You get a totally different response!


  6. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm actually, I think those will young kids will go these parks quite often, some of them even bought annual pass

  7. Hi sillyinvestor,

    It's holidays season for me as well, but I'm still as busy. Good problem for me though. In my line of work, I've learnt to appreciate both the slower pace of life when there's few students and the crazy fast paced of life when there's many students. It's cyclical...some yrs are good, some yrs are bad. In a way, that's like the market.

    Last year when my pace of life is much slower, I went to many touristy places just to experience life as a local tourist. I went to the zoo, singapore science centre, many trips to the more 'ulu' woodlands/jurong area (i stay in the east, lol) and visited various museums and open air parks. Haven't been to the bird park, night safari, USS and flyer, but I think I can wait for the next time. It's work season for me now :)

    I really think human beings are meant to live in a cyclical work environment. Work like sieow for a few months, then rest like sieow for a few months, then repeat. Chronic work is sooo boring and uninspiring.

    Have a great week ahead!

  8. Hi LP,

    Next time when it is the off season for u, go to the night safari. It has been many years before I last visited, and I sure is impressed.

    Before the hotel start charging exorbitant rates, I used to be able to book oriental hotel on National day at only 400 plus, stay in the comfort of the hotel to watch the national day parade and the full play of fireworks in the comfort of the air-com room. I am telling u, it is very different watching from TV and watching live at platform. But as SMOL said, the second when did that together for our relative, and baby boy, it is not so fun anymore.

    I remember after the national day night, we had breatkfast and when for the duck ride. Enjoying the view of Singapore. Who need to go overseas for habour view?

    Haha, pure blue Singapore fan

  9. Okay, will heed your advice and go for night safari! I've never been there, ever, so I should be properly introduced. Besides these touristy places, I also like going for hotel stay at different singapore hotels. Some say it's a waste of money, since I've a place to stay here, but nah, these pple are functionalist. Not everything needs to have a function. Having a staycation in a local hotel with wife is a very refreshing experience.

    Try fort canning hotel...ranks quite high in my singapore hotel list :)

  10. Ok!! If we have a staycation, fort canning it will be