Saturday, April 25, 2015

Random thoughts: Some lessons learnt in managing heavy workload

Lesson 1:
Rushing for a deadline sucks more than fatigue. Hence I am still working now, so that I do not need to rush like mad on a hectic Monday.

Lesson 2:
Consolidate the to-do list. I List all that I need to do in the morning, so that my mind do not keep drifting from one item to the other. "oh, I still have that to handle", write it down in the computer but also uses a physical post it and paste in somewhere prominently, with the deadline highlighted, and take it down only after you have complete the task. Without this exercise, I am constantly in a fluster, and time can flies by without accomplishing much.

Lesson 3:
Identify the task that stretched over a long period with multiple deadlines. Set a timeline for yourself before you even start. I am rushing deadlines and deadlines over the administration of organizing my first overseas immersion. This is the first time I am organizing it. Plenty of lessons learnt. Give a date for call of tender, evaluation of tender, letter to be vetted and sent out to the "right" pupils, interview of pupils, confirmation of name list, liaison with Vendor on briefing date. etc.

Flag such a heinous task, and work backwards properly. I am fighting fire like nobody business now, because I never plan ahead

Lesson 4:
After you have done the above 3, live by the day. Do not think about tomorrow, focus on what is to be accomplish by today, by lunch, etc.

There are a few times I made several last minute logistic request to my OM. He lamented "Why always so last minute". I told him "sorry, I lived by the day!" He was very amused and had a good laugh. He used my phrase as often as I used it now. LOL

This is somewhat similar to what LP calls, mindfulness.

Lesson 5:
Something has to give. It is either time or quality, or your sanity.

Lesson 6:
Do not run or hide. It makes things worse. Every morning, I would feel like applying for medical leave after thinking about the number of things I need to get done. But I know I will feel worse when I come back from self-announced leave.

Also, do what is right. I still insist that I plan the lesson and prepare my lesson before I teach my pupils. Although when my energy level is low, my lesson is less effective and successful, I refused to let the administration part destroyed my core business. That is the area of recharge, where I find my passion, I feel super drained when I know I delivered a lesson lousily, and is due to my lack of preparation. Despite all the hectic demands, going for a well-prepared lesson is always a breath of fresh air. I cannot kill the goose for the eggs.

Caterpillar survival menu.

Silly investor


  1. Haha, glad that you have the discipline. I too try to prioritize my schedules and plan. I did manage to do more things and more satisfaction ...but just sometimes my mood/emotions get the best of me when things happen unexpectedly and negative thoughts

    I guess that's life.. we are human beings after all right? :)

  2. Hi Kelvin,

    You are Kelvin right? Hmm I am
    Not actually disciplined. I am the most disorganized in my office, but hey, I am a surviving caterpillar, not a eagle.

    It'sthe rebound from those negatives that makes us strong !!

    You Jia you. It's the rebound from bear that makes us rich !

    1. Yes I am Kelvin haha.

      I am sure you are doing fine. At least you are coping.

      Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. But this book did help me: How to Simplify your Life.
      It taught me how to be more organized and it's more than just the office table, but also what's in my mind.
      I can lend you the book if you want; or you can grab a copy in Kinokuniya :)

    2. Thanks Kelvin,

      I think I read that book. It has tips also on filing, sequence tasks etc right? Not sure I tememebr those things now .

      Thanks for the offer.

    3. Good to read, but remember application is more important. Just see how many people around us know and understand it's important to invest in this low interest envi. but haven't do anything..

    4. Personally,

      I think anytime is a good time to invest/ or stay vested. regardless of interest environment.

      The asset allocation and valuation is the key

  3. Hi SI

    You seem like a very amazing planner in life. I've got a feeling that you are a Virgo!!! Hahahaa

    It seems that you might have derive all these learning points from your vastly great experience in your career. It'll be interesting to talk you more about this kind of thing.

  4. LOL B,

    I am not Virgo, I am a Leo. It's lessons learnt, not tips to share. I learn it the hard way.

    I am one of the most disorganized in the office. Hopefully others need not have as painful a experince as me