Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random thoughts: A Sunday family time

Where to go? Cheap and good!

Heard of Changi Coastal walk?

We had a good walk before we go for a sinful but delicious brunch at Changi Village Hawker Center.  

We were treated to more than cheap food. We were treated to a great view.

I took another photo with this as the background but including my wife and son in it. I wrote this in my face book: your company is heaven on earth.

We did went to the nearby Tampines one for a walk. My wife told me she need a spray bottle. I went to Watson and saw these:

The empty bottle costs $ 3.9 after discount, the hair mosituralizer cost $2. It is a bigger bottle too.

Guess which one I would get? But knowing my wife I told her to make a choice. She said get empty bottle as she does not want to waste the mosituralizer but throwing it away. I said ok. But I think wasting $2 is waste too.

Man and woman, or perhaps me and my wife difference. 

What would u get? Empty bottle or pour away the liquid in the hair spray?


  1. Hi SI,

    I'll get the empty bottle instead of wasting the moisturizer :) It's like one of those questions when ordering economic rice. You only want to eat a few mouthful of rice, so do you ask for less rice or don't say anything but eat the amt of rice you want? I'll go for less rice, even though there's no price difference, because wasting the materials is more 'wasteful' than wasting money lol

    1. LP,

      Thanks for answering !! U have the same frequency as my wife.
      I just went value shop and saw super deals lol of empty bottles

  2. Hi SI,

    Bro, go Daiso lah..dime a dozen of such spray bottles around for $2 each :)

    1. Lol,
      I went diaso for
      My teachers' day gifts ... No go...

      Got what I want from Japan house I stead

  3. I ask for Cai fan bu Yao fan..
    Mee pok bu Yao Mee!! wait... haha

    I think there must be a difference between the empty bottle n moisturizer.

    When I buy things, I go direct to what I need and normally will not be distracted by cheaper things. Bcos I already know what I want in the first place.

    My wife is complete opposite. She buy for the sake of buying and easily distracted.

    1. Arrh... We in the same boat my wife is the opposite of my in many areas, guess opposite attract for most areas.

      The only thing that opposite attraction do not hold true is looks ... We are both good looking Myhahahaja

  4. this one me and wife also the same! Good looks! Hahhaa .. so we are all the same afterall...

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