Thursday, March 24, 2016

Random thoughts: procrastination and bye to $400 in a day

Parkson retail Asia surge today.

U dun have to believe what I said.

But I noticed its increasing volume 2 days ago. I also like its insider buying 

I reassess its story and thought at 1.57-1.59 price, it is worth a bet and I will cut loss at 1.4. 

I look at the ringgit, oil price, correlation to Malaysia consumer sentiment index just this wee hours of morning and think, can... Still good to try...

At 1 p.m it is still 1.59 selling price. Volume is above 10k. 

I think. Whoa! Such high vol. and price doesn't move up. What is wrong man.

I didn't have my token with me. So I procrastinated.

When I reached back my office, I was busy doing something else again. When I look at it at 3 p.m. The boat has left...

No balls no gain.

Too bad

Weak mind 


  1. Hi SI,

    I saw the chart of this. It has what i called Flying dragon drinking water well chart lol I hope you didn't buy at a high from this multibeggar stock lol

  2. LP.
    No la, I sold very early. Just a small 10% loss in a few hundreds. Today once the boat sailed ... I simply wave goodbye...

    It's not the $400 ( wanted to get 20lots)that bothers me but my small balls lol

  3. Replies
    1. Lol. It was meant as a speculative punt anyway..

      Can buy a lot of things wo... And if Monday and tue go higher. Can contra lol

      Think too much with phantom money

  4. same to my GLP
    i wait and wait, wait till the boat is sailing.

    1. I missed plenty of boats... Yeh

      This one can be a bragging example lol just kidding

  5. Sillyinvestor,

    Throw away the token.

    Stick with password will do.

    Now you have one less excuse in future ;)

    1. Smol,

      I regret the token. How to undone it huh? Damn lek Chey...

      Public holiday you not working ??

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      I now only work weekends.

      Holidays don't need to work anymore since Nov 15 :)

      That's crash got sound philosophy!

      7 days no work too boring? Work weekends and holidays!

      Holidays must work getting moody? Don't work lor!

      Planning not needed. Just listen and adjust ;)


    3. Hello!

      Just write or call broker to revert back to password mode.

      Most platforms will even allow no password needed for active traders. Where got time to key-in password when market is moving fast?

      Tokens for on-line placing of orders is one stupid idea.

      Banking makes sense. For on-line brokerage?

    4. use handphone apps no need token! only computer need token!

    5. SMOL,

      Siong! Thumb up for 随心所欲。honestly, between work, family and caring for family. I actually find equal joy in working and spending time with wife and son.

      My mum cancers spread further, going for palliative care, I actually like to just sit at my school canteen and looking at children laughing and playing ... (Guai guai Shu Shu right?)

      Work itself offers many escape routes from reality lol.

      I really enjoy the company of kids, although I not sure if the feelings are mutual lol

    6. Rolf, I always log in
      Using phone app, need password OTP lei

      Nvm la, I not trader... So still chances abound ...

    7. Sillyinvestor,

      I faint! Talk about double and triple confirm... LOL!

      Once we accept 生老病死, we are free.

      Good for you. I have no paternal instincts. I just love women.

    8. SMOL,

      Don't bluff !!you just like pretty and sexy women!

      Initially wanted to put the adj "young" but think it might not be an issue for u LoL

      Anyway, I must be no true blue hokkien, never heard of that sigh

  6. Btw SMol,

    U read STE AR? They going big on robotics. Potential market is manless vehicles etc. potential customers include as usual the defense but also senteosa. Manless transport...

    What u hate is going to become reality ... Cheaper than drivers meh??

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Its nothing new.

      And its not about costs.

      Drones, unmanned vehicles/surface vessels are already supplied by STE for some years now.

      Developed countries have a lower tolerance for loss of lives by their civilian population.

      Contrast this with developing countries where there is a unlimited supply of militants who are willing to die for their cause...

    2. SMoL,

      Defense sector yes, but read closer I will find they are talking also about hospitality and retail ...

      Replacing drivers at sentosa and it has already happened at gardens by the bay

    3. Btw, seriously dun quite understand what is crash got sound .... It's a hokkien translation or??

    4. Ah ber then?

      In Hokkien, its "long dio wu hsiah"



    5. Sillyinvestor,

      I'm in denial. I hope they fail in the hospitality and retail sectors like when they tried to convince Singaporean motorists to pump their own fuel at petrol stations ;)

      Blocking out. Head in the sand.


      Seriously, we don't invest STE for that. STE is a defence contractor. All other sectors are "good to have" - not the core ;)

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