Friday, February 3, 2017

Random thoughts: meeting friends not seen almost over 2 decades

My college friends, to be precise. 

We meet up during the CNY holidays but did not have enough. One of them is based in China, so we had a Friday lunch together. 5 hours just fly by. 

I have wanted to write a post on my student's life. It is like my FI dream come true. But decided against publishing it. I wouldn't be able to meet them for lunch if I am not a student. A student life is cognitive stimulating but emotional less fulfilling for me, but definitely less mentally and physically taxing.

Anyway, I Digress.

My friends have both climbed up the coporate leaders very successfully, perhaps at the pinnacle for our age group. The first part of our conversation centered around work.

The interesting part is about our aspirations. When I shift the conversation from the tangible to the satisfaction, I was really intrigued.

My friend gave up a high position in a listed company to help a MNC set up a subsidiary in Singapore. It was 3 times more hectic and some nights he totally goes without sleep. He told me he see it as a challenge to build something from scratch. The same goes for the other friend into estate development in China. The satisfaction comes from seeing through the project comes to fruitation.

I was the only one when I shared that my wish is to focus on teaching and take on less management roles and relying on investment income to make up the shortfall in pay. LOL. But we are not judgmental. 

I was taught a valuable lesson too. My friend told me in no uncertain terms that not all gift to a wife is really equal. No, it's not about monetary value. It's about surprise. An agreed gift is not a gift. Lol. Ok. I will create surprise for our anniversary. 

Towards the end, we all finally lossen up a bit, and the feelings of the good old days finally came back, even if it's a fleeing moment, I experience the secondary school feeling of 初心


  1. Why haven't meet up with blogger friends yet huh?

    Waiting to meet up with you guys!

  2. Sure man UI,

    Not sure about the rest. I am free on Friday for lunch. If u are keen, email me. We can exchange no. Smol says he free after 15 days CNY. But can check with him.

    U ok bo?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I am still nursing my longevity cough. You guys meet up without me.

      I'll stick with my 15 days of CNY break with focus on family ;)

    2. Yah I okay. Can also wait for SMOL to recover first. I sui bian de

    3. Ya. I think so too. Ok. We wait

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