Friday, March 24, 2017

Random thoughts: Abundance and buffet

I believe my world is one of abundance, and the world in general can be of abundance too. 

However, abundance need a ingredient. It is thankfulness. Thankfulness is the lens we see things. There is plenty of randomness in this world, I happen to be a beneficiary in plenty of things, lucky if you like. Why do I say this? I know of 2 persons, of equal capabilities doing the same work. Of course, when I say "same" I dun mean factory output quantity. In general, they might have different strengths but basically delivering the same goods. But they have a pay difference of around 40%? I am the luckier one. I am not bragging, just thankful, as she is my equal or perhaps 有过之而无不及。(better)

Having abundance but not thankful or mindful, will simply end up like what one of my lecturer says "so much to live with, so little to live for"

Abundance is a curse, when benchmarked, compared with others. Abundance is introspective. U decide how much is enough. At personal level, it is easier to understand, but it also true beyond personal level.

Let's take the example of Buffet. There are atas ones, mass market ones. But all with the same purpose, let the customers eat to their heart content. Some lament about cheapo buffet. Some eat until their gastric hurts or even vomit. Some tried to hide some finger food to takeaway. 

I seldom go buffet, I am not a big eater and has a weak gastric. But I do like buffet. I can tried a variety of food at amount I like. I can start very small. If I particular food is very tasty, I eat more of it. I no longer have stomach for deserts now (old Liao) if I go second round, so I will just stop and relax and chat over a cup of coffee. 

How do u and others u observe do at buffet? U scream must be value for money? U felt shortchanged when someone just go for that lobster thrice or four times and giving all other food a miss? 

U care more about value for money or value of experience? 

Sorry, it's not the fault of the buffet organizers, if u ask me. 


  1. As we grow older; buffet may not be that attractive as after many years we probably have taste many kind of food and no longer yield for more. More is not better value.

    1. More is not better value.

      That is wisdom. Saying enough for "me" I know myself best. It's ok if he can takes 3 lobsters and enjoy it

    2. Less rice or shao fan. For nasi briyani; they will give lots of rice. I will need to tell them at least two times to cut rice to my right portion. LOL!

  2. Live more, want less. Nowadays I always ask for less rice when buying meal outside.

    1. Yes yaruzi,

      Nowadays, even when I ask for less rice and serving of food, I still get fatter and fatter. Because I didn't exercise.

      If we cook ourselves, we decide the amount of food. If we are paying, we decide the amount of food, if it is served to us, can still decide a bit.

      Those in the Growing stage usually eat a lot more.

  3. I Long time no eat buffet Liao.
    Eat more then I feel more uncomfortable.

    Sometime eat less is better.

    Now old Liao, feel that work less, spend less, eat less and sleep more is the best for the my life.

    1. Hi yeh,

      U have improved. Contentment and peace be with u

  4. Hi SI,

    Last time I don't know what I want to eat, so I eat buffet to have a taste of everything. These days, I know what I want, so there's no need to go for buffet :) I seldom go buffet these days, but if I go there, it's just for the good company there :)

    50 to 70% full is good enough, I live to eat for another day :)

    1. Hi LP,

      I try to adhere to the 70% rule too. but more importantly, I think I really have a problem with the pace at which I eat my food. Not sure I can't seem to eat slower. LOL

      Maybe I am just too kan chong

  5. Hi SI,

    Younger days of course chiong buffet cos it's value for money. Nowadays, I think it is very expensive! Plus, I really don't see the point of eating until your stomach hurts. I think hawker food is the best :)

    1. Hi Jes,

      When I am younger, my buddy and I can finished half a Hainan CHicken! NOt the small one ok, and my waistline is 26 then...LOL
      Yes, I also feel that hawker food is the best, but since I convert to meatless diet, everywhere seems to be the same...

  6. when i first read buffett, i thought warren buffett.

    Peace is the most difficult to have, not money. Not many rich people i know have true inner peace. Even people who appear peaceful outside most of the times, do not have it.

    And how to have peace, it is not money but....

  7. Rolf!

    Long time no read, yes. Indeed, inner peace is fleeing at best for most people. Some people never had it. Some people mistook it for something else. Lol peace. BE with u

    The but that u didn't finish ... I have an inking what it is, but ... I know why u left it there... when it's ready

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