Saturday, June 3, 2017

Random thoughts: 2017 1H in review

2017 has a been year of many significant changes.

In terms of work, I was given a 17 weeks period to study and develop myself. The course materials are so-so, but I think I read and reflect enough to go back to work with a new purpose. 

I think I am different, and my colleagues can tell the difference. I am not sure if it's for better or worse, but I think I am more firm and purposeful now, regarding what needs to be done. 

My friend told me I am calmer and speaks more clearly now. In my absence, 2 of my staff step up to the plate and they have found their own mojo. In fact, they are helping me much more than they used to. Life would be much easier, as I delegate some power to him. Good thing is, I am not so worried about being replaced. LOL. However; the working landscape has become treachery, and it is easier to be caught is the right side of the system if u believe in doing whatever is right for your kids and ignore all the bureaucracy.  

I am quite surprise I can still derives more satisfaction from teaching than I already did. Perhaps the course open my mind and hence my heart. I realize too many mistakes I made. I am not talking about the technicial stuff of teaching. I am talking about simple stuff like knowing the pupils. 

In terms of family, it's my 10 anniversary! Yeah! First time I planned this in details. Glad my wife like it. 


How time flies. It has been 10 years. Ocean Restaurant is really a nice place to have lunch, and a family walk around the SEA acquirium relaxing.

In terms of investing, since I started, I have never hold more than 50% cash in investible fund. I am holding 60% now, missing the boat and a whole lots fun until it's get exciting for me. 

Personally, I felt calmer. But I wonder if a storm
Is coming at times. I already use to think My intrapersonal skills is my strength as I seem to be able to hear my inner voice more often than others. Nowsaday, I sometime wonder if I am going crazy if I tell other people how loud and clear that voice has become. They might think I have gone Bonkers. That voice is your honest self, for better or worse. 

Looking at the night sky at sentosa is quite wonderful. I actually manage to see slow shooting stars. Defintely not a plane. Well, quite glad when I make a wish, I didn't wish for wealth or health. LOL 


  1. Hi SI

    I went to that shangrila resort which you recommended at the end. It was awesome but price is "awesome" too haha.

    Happy anniversary and many more good things to come for your family.

  2. Hi B,

    Yah, the price is awesome. But there are some years we dun go for overseas trip so I thought such a stycation is great.

    Lol, but truth to be told, I am hardly frugal when family expenses is concerned.

    So how? Will u be returning ? I am
    Kinda of disappointed this time round thou...

    Thanks! May your third come soon ;p

  3. Hi SI,

    Happy Anniversary to you and your wife.

    It's normal one lah. Introverts inner voice very loud one. It is a good compass to guide you to why you want what you want. :)

    1. Hi UN,

      Thanks a lot. U are right. I think I am a introvert. But when my colleagues hear this they will laugh till die. I always say I shy. They ask me go fly kite

  4. Hi SI,

    Warms my heart reading this. Thanks for sharing your 1H2017 review :)

    1. Hi LP,

      U are welcome. :)

      U are having a warmth time

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