Monday, September 11, 2017

Random thoughts: This just makes me happy, dun know why.

I have drawing plenty of comic strips for my pupils to help them remember vocab. During the holiday, I saw 1 pupil who drew very well.

I ask her if she is willing to draw for the class, I gave the storyline, she draw. She says ok. 

Guess which one is mine ? 


I ask another pupil, which one is nicer. Knowing the one with red ink is mine, he said "Both are nice" 

Got future, high EQ! But Liar .... LOL


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Children say the darnest things because they have not learned how to "sugar-coat" what they say as adults do.

    Your this student a lot mature than his age!

    1. He is a funny guy. Super "coated" in whatever he says. Dun know why like that too.

  2. Hi SI,

    Hmm, why do you think he is lying? Maybe that is what he really thinks - that both are nice? haha!

    1. LP,

      You sweet talker you!

      EQ is praising someone without putting the other person down ;)

      But then, what do I know? I'm just the fox with the blocked nose...


    2. Lol LP,

      That pupil quite funny one la, I like to tease all my pupils. Think they scare of me.

      Even he said the black one nicer, I also got something to say. I told him he next time sure know how to please his girlfriend, every time also says beautiful. The girls laughed, he didn't even blush lor Lol

  3. Actually I think the Red one is nicer --- more whimsical, more "light hearted", more "natural".

    Student's one is like trying too hard, like for typical competition.

    1. Yup :)

      Think it's coz I see too many "expected" or "correct" examples in S'pore liao. Sianz...

      Hmmm although I call myself sinkie, but don't think my attitude like typical sinkies .... 🤔