Saturday, March 12, 2016

Random thoughts: Kaypo thoughts on BT article "following your passion may be a bad idea"

If I read correctly, the heading should be "dun jump if you are not sure of your passion or dreams"

I believed there is nothing wrong with pursing dreams and passion. Because it gave you happiness regardless of monetary success. Of course, as I heard from a TV program, one music lover stopped singing at the music lounge and went into the finance sector. The host asked" which lifestyle u prefer?" He replied "happier when singing, but suits me better now"

In short, it should be a pull force making you leap, and not a push force. 

I agree with the article that passion can be found after our sweat and blood produce results, and pips our interest.

But I think it is also possible there is something inherent that we think we like. Since secondary school, I already wanted to be a teacher. After my O levels, a classmate ask me what I wanted to do, I said "teacher" I remembered my friend said "hey, don't be implusive, u can study one hor" I went through the stage where my teaching sucks but I enjoy honing my craft. Lucky my dream is not out of reach, and easy to get. (Then in the late nineties, no one want to be a teacher, a got a scholarship from MOE despite my lousy A C C 'A' level grades 

I also knew a rather close friend from my university days. He is intelligent and come from renowned schools. He helped a lot in our projects and a lot of As grade then are due to his vetting. 

We graduated together and he swop jobs several times. He is back to the school system last year. Last year, I thought of leaving and ask about his journey. He told me to ponder it carefully. He wanted to get back into the education system but the demand and supply situation has changed, even with my help, he had difficulty joining back the system as a permanent staff. 

To cut the story short, I think "傻人有傻福”, my wife and I plough on and on for a decade. While our achievements are nothing to shout about, we had a reality check when our property agent told us, we are already doing very well for our age. Count our blessing we are also happy with our jobs.

Please fight for the dreams, pull force is a valid reason. Push force is also a valid reason but we cannot use dream or passion as a guise anymore. We are not pursuing anything, we are just pissed. We might do better or worse, but it has nothing to do with dreams.


  1. Yes. I do agree with what you said.
    Don't be impulsive.
    So that is why I am still in profession.

    Anyway PB is coming. Cheers:)

    Less complaint more gratitude. Little thought for these few months.

    1. Hi Yeh,

      I admire those who leaped.especially those with pull factors.

      I myself almost jump,when I finished my bond,a pull reason and last year and push reason ...

      But I am glad I stayed

  2. Hi SI,

    I have to agree with the writer n you.

    The problem with follow your passion at a young age sometimes can turn out to be an excuse due to lack of understanding of yourself and also the lack of experience and exposure about the society.

    Therefore if the young can get to know what's going on more about the past, current future world, then probably he or she can have a much better judgement of what is really his/her passion.

    Passion in today's world has to make economical sense and also be sustainable!

    I wrote an article 2 years back.

    1. Rolf,

      After one jump, who would have a better understanding of oneself.

      But it might be painful ...

      Experience is good. But delusion is not

    2. :-) how will u know its a delusion if u dun even have experience! Unless someone u respect advise u?

    3. Rolf,

      Good question. When one buy a property and stretches the whole family's fiances and said the reason for buying is to leave something behind.

      Pray, if u wipe out CPF and reduce cash savings, how can u leave your property before you die and have a fruitful retirement without encashing your asset?

      When you said my passion is somewhere else when the only thing you are sure it's you are piss

      Dun hide behind convention wisdom.

      I go because I am sick of my work, not because I want to purse my dreams. I buy private because I want to be the jones not because I am a wonderful mother.

      Not sure if u get what I mean ;)

    4. Hi mike
      After I sick, I have know that I have to do right things/correct things.
      And not the things I like to do.
      You get what I mean?

    5. I understand! Big decision need more talk and more standing at the other side of the river to understand what's going on! Cannot just jump in without proper consideration.

      The problem is I have my idea, he has his idea and she has her idea. Who is right or wrong is so difficult to say.

      That is why I remember asking two partners of a company who own equal shares how they make decision together? They say: as long as one party says NO, it is a NO GO!

    6. Rolf, you are right about no right no wrong.

      The world is not white, black and grey. It's colorful. To me, it's just a trade off calculation.

      Is the "happiness" in agreeing to something I disagree worth it? Lol

    7. Yeh.

      After a while, we do what we have to. Right or wrong doesn't matter

  3. When our family doesn't really need our support then following our passion is good.

    1. CW,

      Spot on! If I have no family. I would properly jumped. But no regrets. I wanted to know how much I can earn

      Not anymore now. Need not earning power to prove anything

  4. Hi Mike,

    I believe career stability and sustainability plays the most important factor in our decision making.

    I myself has the experience of working in start up and SME. I have seen how they struggles when bad times comes about.

    One needs to have rational mind when pursuing passion.

    1. Solace,

      I agree with u, I am glad my "dreams" or likes are not at odds with sustainability.

      Passion however can be irrational ...

      I did contract jobs for very short while before- 2 months ... Pay is good for a A level pupil. But bye bye soon after the contract is done

  5. Hi
    Out of topic.
    I have to stay longer in hospital due to some infection. And doctor suspected there is flare of my illness.

    Well. Now just have to accept everything.

    Maybe think like this way. No go work, also got pay. 白拿薪水。

    1. Yeh,

      We did not "白拿薪水”, medical benefits is not a benefit reserve for special workers. Most people has it, hospital leave etc and part of labor rights

      After we used them up, it's bye bye. For civil Servants it is very generous ... We still have no pay leave to take and keep our job

      Take care. Relax and chill. Focus on get well. Mental resilence is particular important during sickness as my parents taught me. It really determine the "quality of life"

    2. Not all companies are so generous. After XXX days of no-pay leave, we can be medical board out. In my case, after a few months of medical leave, that is the end of career development. Very sick chicken, mgmt. may not need to bother them as these sick chicken is not likely to leave as they will have hard time clearing health check for new job.

    3. CW,

      As I expected. There is no pay leave after hospital leave. Of course we cannot expect companies to be charities.

      That is why insurance and savings are important.

      But before we reach there, let's not worry, and cause illness or get worse. Maybe before Hospital leave is used up, we can be back to work, maybe not fully recovered but enough to operate...

      Life is about "operations" isn't it?

    4. Hi mike and cw.
      Now you know why I keep my job.
      If in private. I sure byebye liao.

      But so far. I am not every year like this. Maybe damn bad luck this year, very ill this year. Donno know why.

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