Friday, January 8, 2016

Random thoughts: I don't track my losses

Recently, I have conversation about how many % the markets is falling, and portfolio falling by how much.

I ask myself, how much has my portfolio value dropped. I realised I don't have an answer!! 

Yup, I am unique. I have no idea my un/realized profits/loss.

All I know was I bid a day after market falls 70 points, for counters I like. I didn't froze in fear. 1 point/ star for myself.

Reading a lot of bloggers also going in to fish, I didn't manage to get order filled though as market rebounded.

But out of morbid curiosity, I go work out my loss. It is 15% loss of capital excluding dividends. 

I didn't feel I wasted my time since other alternative investment strategies might have a better return with lesser efforts because I realize I enjoy the prosepecting process very much, sometime perhaps just to be proven wrong, I learnt much too. 

The conversation then went on to absolute amount of loss/ profits. My total portfolio dwarf even in the eyes of gain/loss of the other party. 

Strangely this time, the inner demons are real demure. 1 more star. Never scream at me for being useless. 

I bet there are many like me too. Who don't track this and that and also many at the other side. 

As long as it works in your favour.


  1. Recommend the defunct Microsoft Money software that can track all your stocks "operations". It can also track all your assets & liabilities. That's why i know how rich or poor i am getting from day to years.
    You can google and try to download.
    i think it's FOC now.
    i have been using since day one as i am a ignoramus for higher-brow software like Microsoft Office.
    Maybe you like the higher brow software.
    But slaughtering a chicken don't need a knife for slaughtering a GOO.
    Ha! Ha!

    1. Haha I like your parting line ...uncle temperament

      I used to look at the realized unrealized PnL every few days when I started

      Now I agar agar

      I thought my loss would be in the 20-25 percent range, so it was a pleasant surprise

      Will check It out when I am free

  2. It is here

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