Saturday, November 9, 2013

Random thoughts- Bucket list and Financial freedom list

I was asking myself some rather silly questions recently.

If I have a bucket list, what would it be?

1) I would like to start a social enterprise.

2) Do something about poverty overseas.

3) Teach in a school with highest FA pupils

4) Visit Europe

Then the next question, if I achieve financial freedom and have a million to spare, what would I do? What am I looking forward to after achieving FF?

1) Slower pace of working

2) More time with family.

3) So that I can work on 1,2, 4 (any combination) of my bucket list.

Then I realized how much I have already achieved in terms of wishlist for FF but not before I kick the bucket.

I don't mind a slower pace, but it is not actually killing me, and I do spend the evenings and the weekends with my family. I can even do 3) of my bucket list without achieving FF (financially free). I have some idea of 1) and 2) but not sure if I can carry them out in my life even if I achieve FF, but perhaps it is easier in terms of time commitment after I achieved FF.

I have shared my bucket list with my wife (of course I didn't use the work bucket, and I didn't share 4 yet, that is the last of my priority because it is the easiest to achieve as long as one has the money ), she is supportive of setting up a social enterprise.

I am young, I have many decades ahead of me, I hope I do achieve/ do something about either 1) or 2) before I kick the bucket.I also realized how much life would not be difference with or without FF. It is not actually stopping me from achieving most of what I wish I could do. (Sour Grapes or self-denial at work perhaps.. hahaha)


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