Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Random stories: The dark teacher

The dark teacher has many souls waiting for a second life. 

Teacher is called the soul engineer, not for nothing. 

"You can be what you want to be. Think hard, work hard, the potential will be unlocked in your future life"

The crowd start talking among themselves 

"I want to be rich" ...

"I want to be healthy!"...

"I want intelligence..."

"I want wisdom and charm..."

"I want happiness..."

After a while, the crowd quiets down...

A voice asked:" if I want 'everything', is it impossible?"

The teacher said:" nothing is impossible, work hard. Although it is easier to focus...
Remember, you need to find the people that emulate what you want and observe them. Once you find them, find the shape of the soul, find the common shape, and I can help shape you at close as possible. The more similarities you find ,the more accurate it is. If you want more strands of goodness, you will to decipher the shape.

The crowd went silent. "Learning by observing and analysising is never easy, it is up to you, what reap what you sow. When u are ready, come to me, and then you are ready for your next life, remember , you have all the time in the world, you can work together, share information, it will be easier to decipher what shape is for intelligence, what is for health, etc" 

Soon, the crowd dispersed, eager to find the souls of living people and study them. Many famous names were thrown around, many of different nationalities to be case studies. 

The teacher sighed. It then noticed a lone soul. It said:" do you have no idea where to start?"

The soul said in a very soft voice:" can I have..."

The teacher said:" sure, draw me the shape"

The soul hesitate:" but I want ...I want nothing"

"Why are you so lazy!!" The teacher yelled.

"I will live my next life as it is, seizing every day, I do not want to cling to anything, since nothing is for sure anyway, uncertainty is scary but also beautiful, I want it that way."

The teacher smiled. He had never smiled for centuries. 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Ha ha!

    You now reveal a hint of cleavage instead of going full frontal nudity.

    Naughty naughty! But clap, clap.

    Some of your previous posts I feel like giving you a big kick; and I have ;)

    But this post... Idiot. Hand pain must also applause you...

    Clap, clap.

    Well done mate!

    1. Hmm SMOL,

      Thanks for your applause. Appreciate it. No toasts??

      I gam bei first, you shui Yi.


  2. Hi SI,

    Wow, this is very original! well done!

    Here's the philosophical dilemma- nothing is also something. By wanting nothing, you want the absence of everything. Maybe to want nothing, you have to be nonchalant. Don't even cling to the question, nor the words, nor the answers. Just float and smile and be a child of illusion.

    What do you want to be? Anything.

    Why anything? It doesn't matter what I become.

    Why doesn't it matter? Because anything doesn't matter.

    Why doesn't anything matter? Because everything is just the same.

    Why is everything the same?

    Because everything is nothing, and nothing is everything and everything becomes nothing when we cling on, and nothing becomes everything if we don't. So I'll float around everything and smile at anything and marvel at nothing.

    1. Indeed LP,

      To want nothing, is want. Not to ask, and be anything is higher.

      Insisting on anything is want.

      Nothing or anything or everything

      It is something just out to confuse ??

      We Are mortals, who are we to understand nothing?

      Butterfly understand better than silly.

      The state, the outcome, what is the truth? Cannot understand. Just go with the flow. Close to nothing, everything is easier, but it is still something...

  3. Hi SI

    This somehow reminds me of Ben Bernanke " doing nothing " during the taper in 2013 .

    1. Hi STI,

      Maybe Ben understand nothing better than most people LOl

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