Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Random story: The dark teacher (Part2)

Part 1 here

As the dark teacher wait for the souls to come with the possible shapes that determine their after life, he felt quite demoralized.

He remembered how his dark teacher smile at him when he solved the puzzle of "shaping the soul", how the teacher task him to enlighten the others.

He didn't realise it was so tough

"This is my shape" he was brought back from his deep thoughts.  

The dark teacher said "This shape will promise u a life of riches and relative good health, but you will be rather lonely at old age"

"I have another shape here" said the soul.

"Er... Well done, rarely can someone find such a good shape. But be warned, you will hit a low point in a career, and if u can't pick yourself up, it's downhill for u."

The soul pondered about the risk, and asked "anyway to reduce the risk?"

The dark teacher replied " well, I can help you mould the corners a bit and reduce the risk, but your afterlife parents will be of poorer health." 

The soul thought about it. "I can't do that, I will take that risk, leave my parents  health alone"

The soul got mould and went through the cycle of life and time.

The dark teacher sigh... 

So many shapes, so much effort. 

What makes the shape? 

Everyone went all over the place to search. Why not one search from within?

There is nothing to search and everything to find 

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