Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Random thoughts: My imaginary tuition center

Today, I was waiting for my wife at a mall. I was staring at an empty shop, wondering how would my shop look like if I start my own tuition center!

For fun sake!

The slogans at the glass wall:

From a E to an A in 1 year.

Expert language teacher with experinces in various schools handling variety of pupils.

No matter what is your problem, we have a solution. 

English speaking at home? Not a problem, expert has produced a class of As pupils, all from English speaking background.

Choose your weakest component. 

You will graduate with the right skills and never need tuition! 

Cheaper and more effective !! 
I will then split my class into 

1) Vocab class
2) Writing class
3) Comprehension class
4) Oral class 

Lol... Schedule will be packed if they take all as all kiasu parents would mostly likely do.

Ok. Enjoyed my dreaming. I going to do my marking Liao. Bye!! 

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