Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Recent action update- Sold Cogent and bought ST engineering

Just to alert readers, who might be interested. 

Why? One already giving me nice profits and another had a price I think is low enough.

The high can go higher, the low can go lower. It's ok for me.

With the sale, there is some spare ammo too.


  1. hi
    i have enough, market seem like will getting weaker, wish you luck.
    btw happy CNY. think we will be busier these few days, as cny concert is around the corner:)

    shen ti jian kang

    1. Ok la,

      Th concert I leave it to
      My teacher to run it. Only have to do up a irritating notice board for recess duty

  2. Replies
    1. In the form of a drink? I treat!

      Why u call yourself coconut huh? When holidays come, hope I got time jio u and SMOL out