Monday, September 9, 2013

Penny trading



I have sworn off penny trading.

But, when I saw high easy it is for someone to make 100% gain in a single day, a perhaps get a few baggers with days or weeks, I can't help but get envy.

I know Envy is a sin, I am just being honest with myself here.

I know of the pitfalls of penny trading, you win fast and big, and you get go the other direction too. I also know I do not have the knowledge and skills, and perhaps the guts and capital to make penny trading work for me.

So all I can do, is to stick with my own strategies, and wait out my gains.

Delayed gratifications in investment, well, there are some are skillful traders or lucky stars that get very close to instant gratification in shares investment too.

Ok, back to digging and saving up for investment. I realized how envy make me such a terrible person,I secretly have the thoughts of the traders getting their fingers burned when the tide turn for penny traders. Evil me!! I know, I know, its just a flicker of thought, and I chide myself liao



  1. Aiyoh, you just destroyed my perfect impression of you. :(

  2. Haha, AK,

    That why the internet is such a good place, if looks can be deceiving, what's more words. hehehe