Friday, February 17, 2017

Random thoughts: The sense of urgency as a student

Time flies, as much as I enjoy my semi-retirement life as a student, (Stressfree at full pay, how cool is that?)it is almost at half way point. It is quite a hectic schedule, but stress-free, makes hell a lot of difference. 

I felt an urgency to really read as much as possible, talk to people as much as possible and prepare as much as possible before I go back to school, because I am aware, once I return, my capacity is so stretched that I cannot even think properly.

I have questioned many of my practices,  formed some vague but at least  basic understanding of how to put my core beliefs in education into action. It is inter-connected, but basically, the core pedagogy (enabler) should be differentiation, by-product, joy. The final product is mastery of discipline and not just knowledge. 

From teaching, to coaching, to deployment, there are so many new ideas, it makes me feel so obsolete. I had became a dinosaur before I knew it. 

I wonder how can I find the time to deepen my understanding when I go back, I notice from an idea to a concept, I took quite a while, I read, got ideas, talk to people or write to crystallize the idea, refine it, and the fantastic idea begin to feel "redundant" as more assumptions get challenged, and when I continue to explore and think, it became clearer and clearer,  technically it took 4-6 weeks from the initial birth of an idea to where it is now and it is still changing when I put it into something concrete to bring back.

How different, when I heard my school is embarking on a massive review on assessment and expect one discussion and 2 hours to get it done? Premature babies are seldom healthy and has high mortality rate. But I understand,  2 hours is already a luxury. 

We are all trying to change the tyre when the car is moving. 

I have only half the time left. Will my latest "upgrade" of biological computer last me 5 years? Perhaps, I would go take my Masters, something I never thought I will do. But that is 4-5 years down the route. 


  1. Hi SI,

    It's important for music to have a period of rest. It's important for our minds to have periods of blank space so that you can make unexpected connections and create. I think you should do well :)

  2. Hi LP,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am looking forward to apply some of these stuff as well as apprehensive about going back to becoming a walking dead cognitively ... lol

    Guess between cognitive dead and emotional barren, we have to choose 1 and cannot have the cake and eat it