Friday, July 13, 2018

Random thoughts: Pressure cooker advertisement

Which pressure cooker is the best?

Singapore made pressure cooker is the best. Fast, quick and keep rice smooth and mositured.

Popcorns, porridge, Tonic soup.
Cooker breaks it down, pop it out. Everything cookable.

So many modes for your pleasing.
So popular among locals and some say in Asia.

For advance cookers, u can even control the level of fluffyness and water content.

Some.are confused with the many functions, wanted to cook rice and end up shedding tears churning porridge.

While the level of fluffyness and water content can be regulated to customize for each customer, customer are advised to adjust their expectations as the food depends as much as thh cook as well as the cooker.


  1. Life in pressure cooker or slow cooker

    1. I wish it's pleasure cooker. Hahahaha...

      Depending on the stage CW. I think it's pleasure cooker for u now. It's pressure cooker for me now.

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    Cook rice can use other appliances other than pressure cooker.

    Mom now likes to use simple instant noodle pot to cook rice for herself while I was away. "No pressue" also can ;)

    I'm surprised as I've always thought cook rice must use pressure cooker. That's how I remember we used to cook rice growing up. I assumed that's the ONLY way since everyone else also doing it...

    Silly me.

    It then dawned on me. How do people cook rice before pressure cookers were invented?

    Also, not everyone needs or likes to eat rice.

    Some prefer bread, potatoes, or pasta ;)

    No cook rice why need pressure cooker?

    1. Hahaha Smol,

      U can closer to seeing what I have in mind. Recently, I need to comfort a collegue who is stressed to the extend of raindrop falling on my head...

      She is a good teacher with the heart at the right place. Having been through what she went through earlier, I am able to connect and cheer her up rather quickly.

      As it's someone else who told me what happened to her, as I move around to talk to other colleagues to look out for her, we start to use the pressures we faced. At different point of times, we all cried before. I didn't, but I am more drastic in my thoughts.

      It's really a joke, I told myself, that we are crying not over our pupils, but the pressures of work. That's nonsense. I eat rice, I use cooker, but I decided to cook and eat for myself. Dun like my rice u can leave it or throw it away.

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      I believe some in big daddy are in denial.

      Its not normal or healthy to have teachers so stressed over work.

      O and A levels I understand since overseas universities need an "international" standard to assess our Singaporean students for admissions.


      For goodnees sake! Its just for admission to our own secondary schools...

      How did secondary schools admit students before PSLE was invented?

      If every school is a good school, why then bring up "meritocratic" system of selection?

      Needless to say, I am sold on the Scandinavia focus on "play" for early education :)

    3. Hahahah Smol

      Dun get me rattling on the play concept again.

      U can be a great value investor, u can be a great trader. Ita fine.

      But we cannot lose miney then say we value investor, capulalate then say traders cut loss.

      We end up losing money and than we say we have boty value invest7ng and trading skills, ready for the 21CC

      I want to vomit

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