Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random thoughts: The Irony of Staff Well-Being

I am a strong believer of taking care of staff welfare.

But I am not sure why some of these things are done in the name of staff well-being.

Organizing get-together sessions, or having wellness talks during the most hectic period of time?

I think welfare is showing staff respect and patience in their work.

No one will have a happy workload.

But make it purposeful.

Sending fruits to me is nice.

But letting me breath is better.

Staff welfare can be seen in deployment, not ah hoc games or sessions.

Leave me alone.



  1. Totally agree! Shared same sentiments of this 'staff welfare' definition especially it eats into my personal time

  2. HR deptt got there KPI to cover.
    Sometime I get irritated when there is no respect for staff personal time or even break time.
    Each deptt got its own agenda to fulfill.

  3. hi on earth and GP blogger,

    I actually feel quite energized after forced to play basketball and badminton.

    But today I am overwhelmed with work.

    Time Is really a precious commodity. Although j know of many jobs that are worse