Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Silverlake axis- Could trust be rebuild?

Apparently, no many think Silverlake could turn around and see better days.

For the past 6 months, shares buyback is relentless, just check the sgx announcements, and the volume bought back should not be scoff at.

Price hardly move when the market is busy cheonging.

For the past 3 quarters, it is dishing out special dividends as it milk GIT.

Price hardly move.

The last few quarters that are projecting improvement in special projects revenues and in this quarter, guided that liensing revenue would be growing.

Still no impact.

Dr Goh is owning 70% of the company, is injecting companies via shares at premium prices, making his stake even bigger, and a easier target for privatisation

Price went south

I have got it all wrong and I have recently accumulate further, this counter itself forms 30% of the portfolio.

Maintainance and repair revenue is dropping.
Perhaps this is what market worry about.

Perhaps market still worried about razor short selling report

Perhaps market is worried about corporate governance.

Nonetheless, I decided to go contrary on this one.

I hope I am not wrong again and again.


  1. i do not believe silverlake axis is a fraud company. Investor confidence is still low from its short selling report like u say.

    one catalyst would be core banking system that banks needs to invest in. i believe banks will invest capex in this area for the coming years.

    My target price for entry is around 50cents, hopefully it comes to there lol

    1. Hmm... My av. Price after dividends is around there too. Manage to catch the bumber crop of special dividends

      Insurance at SEA can be it's next growth area, developing countries are under-insured

    2. Hi,

      There is an EGM on 1 Mar. You can raise your questions and exercise your shareholder voting rights. If you can address your questions directly to the management, it will be best. It will be interesting to know the strategy and outlook of the company first hand.

    3. Hi INTJ,

      Welcome to my blog's comment section. What does INTJ means? I won't be attending EGM.

      Lol, if u do, please share.

  2. Hi,

    INTJ is just a personality test thing.
    I dropped you an email from your contact details. You can ask any qns you deem important. I try to raise them if I can. Nice meeting a fellow vested personnel

  3. Hi INTJ,

    I actually have no questions for them. Thanks for the offer