Thursday, January 12, 2017

Random thoughts: Becoming a student again

Today, as I drive past NTU, I saw the path which I used to jog, saw the Hostel that I used to live and felt like crying. A bit emo, but don't ask me why. The memories just keep flooding back.

It is just a week, and I think I am a even hardworking student than when I am a undergrad. LOL. I really miss the reading. I went back to level 4 of the library, sit beside the window, the actual spot where I used to mug for exams. I already read 3-4 books although I did not completely read them.

Walking around the campus, it didn't change much except for the spanking new F&B block near block 1 of NTU. It is really a time to "smell the roses". Nope, I didn't actually have more time at hand, I still did some work at night, but there is minimal stress.

It felt like it was only yesterday that I was here, but when I look at the pupils at NTU, I thought: how good it is to be young. I am not so sure whether it is coincident or what, but the conversations that I overheard seem to always revolve around money, the salary or the expense or cost of this and that. Didn't remember doing that when I as studying.

I meet aspiring teacher and downright incompetent ones. LOL My teacher could not take off his jacket because his there is degeneration of tendons, yet he teaches passionately.

I miss my pupils quite a lot, but really glad I need not be caught in the scary typhoon of work.

One of these days, I must go eat swensen and enjoy the student's discount! LOL



  1. Replies
    1. No la UN,

      I not so power. Just a 17 weeks management course. Lol

      I prefer to be with the pupils ...

      This is a formality ... will step down if I hit bear bull windows

    2. HI it also reminds me about my further career

    3. Hi Nicole,

      U mean it reminds u to further your studies? Personally while I enjoy study, I prefer to be at work, but once a while a breather is good, in case we get struck in a rut before we knew it