Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Random teaching idea: remembering what to write for compo

I use a very simple strategy for compo writing when teaching the struggling pupils.

Write short simple sentence using the helping words. Memorized good phrases and sentences describing emotions and apply them.

Mermorised simple sentence structures in common dialogues like "scolding, apologizing, encouraging and etc" 

Combine the 2 with a few prepared endings. 

Learn a simple "回忆开头法”

They really have problems remembering the lines and also applying them. 

2 days ago, I tried this and while the weaker pupils still can't remember the exact words perfectly, many show a big improvement.

When I ask previously: what are the lines describing emotions, how many emotions can we talk about. Less than 2 pupils can recall more than half of the sentences although we have spend the whole year learning and applying them.

Now I tell them, whatever u need to say is like abc and how you feel is like getting  married 


M- mad
A- anxious 
R- regret
R- relieved 
I- ignorance
E- embarrassed or elated 
D- Devastated 

A girl ask, why married so many negative feelings! I said some feel relieved and elated too. Inside my heart, I tell myself: now u know LOL

DIALOUGE is as easy as ABC

A- apologize 
B- Boast
C - console
D - dilemma ( talking to oneself)
E- encourage
F- freck out
G- grumble
H- hostile scolding

Some of it does not make perfect sense, but the kids get it. 

I told my wife and she give me the look of the death and say: so you reget marrying me la! Me and my big mouth. Lol

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