Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random teaching ideas: New product launch

Think I will start a new series.

This is purely for me to crystallize my thoughts as I would for investment reflections. Give it a skip when u see such a tag.

P4 results did really badly as compared to competitors. I pushed for another chapter beyond what is required in CA so that I have more time fr Oral practices in term 4. I am
Not sure if the subsequently lack of time for revision is the reason for the poor performance.

One bright girl and a obedient boy suffered a big drop of marks. Surprisingly, those on my "hate list" where I always barked at did reasonably ok.

The bright girl was absent rather frequently and hell that I didn't follow up is a big slap I should give myself. The bright boy seem less motivated and I wrongly assume he should be able to take care of himself.

I have also seemed to have placed the bets at the wrong time. I went for compo writing and comprehension and give less emphasis on vocabulary since this is a high ability class with lesser need for vocabulary explanation anyway. But I think the drill and practice should not be compromised, at least not when nearer to the exam. I could have thought of more games and activities to drill and practice with more fun.

The dilemma is, if I spend more time on these and lesser preparing for the longer term weakness of oral conversation, comprehension and writing, would not the final paper do worse?

I hope my bets are EoY correct and the sales pick up at the end of the year for a Christmas rally that will offset Q3 numbers.

Going forward, since my bets are on for writing and oral. I think I will continue to do that but add the element of vocabulary drill nearer to the exam. It is quite evident that they are writing better than 3 months ago. The conversation framework was caught on by a few, and I think I need to emphasized the link and start to do close oral recording and follow up to capture the market of reading and conversation.

As compared to failed comprehension attempts, more pupils are passing it. Will continue to expand this market. The rewriting skill of comprehension need to be work on and I will do gallery walk for this component and break up the SPRC framework for different groups.

In terms of vocabulary, beside guess the pic game, which the pupils are already sick of, I could add mermory game with questions.

I could also ask pupils to form questions using the rewritten sentences and organized an competition to get them to learn comprehension in a fun way.

The bets are still in the few markets segment I am eyeing by I am not sure if I will be caught with the same problem of not having enough time.

Thanks goodness that Psle is over earlier, I  will spend week 4 onwards on additional supplementary classes for this P4.

Hope sales get better. P6 is another product for another post another day. Time to do some marking...

Blogging is therapy even in area of teaching... My mind is clearer now ... Thanks...

Silly in vest teacher

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