Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recent action: Accordia Golf Trust

Accordia Golf trust is the only counter I managed to get when market goes tipsy recently. I didn't get it at the bottom, I paid 62 cents but I think it's good enough. I queue for more STE, and was hoping venture go lower, but nope... 

I have 2 bug bears on Accordia. 

1) no injection of driving range as asset by parents.

2) possible currency weakness

The Q1 report however gave me some confidence as despite the vulnerability of weather, it still manage to edge out a decent operating number. If we annualise the q1 payout, we would get >10% yield. The management seems able to manage cost and squeeze out decent return from their golf courses 

FCF was enough to sustain their current dividends, with minimum capex. 

Yen was strengthen instead of weakened as a result of recent Yuan Scare ...

Need not worry about the refinancing of loans untill 2017. 

So, what have u gotten during black Monday and Tuesday? 

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