Saturday, August 1, 2015

Random thoughts: A great place to see NDP fireworks

The meadow at Gardens by the bay.

I hate crowds. The big grass patch at the meadows is spacious enough so that the next group of family having a pinic is at least several meters away.

We had a dinner cum picnic as my family watch the fly past. 

The super structure trees also treated us with a light show as we wait for the fireworks. 

The toilet is nearby.  

View is nice. 

Will bring my parents there again next Sunday.

The fire works is slightly blocked by the sands, but for the breeze due to the big space available and also the big space for me to stretch my legs. I am
Willing to make do with a lesser view


  1. Hi SI

    I'll be sure to consider this for next week.

    Maybe I'll chance upon you as well :D

    1. LOL B,

      Sure, we are the few bloggers that "shamelessly" posted our photos online in one of our post.

      Maybe we can recognize one another.

      Enjoy the coming long weekend.

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