Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random thoughts: 2015 1H review of the Mind of investing

This review is not so much about the Method of investing, but rather the Mind. 

The market corrected 10% and has stable, at least for now. This is finally a meaningful correction for quite some years.

When we talk about the Mind, we ask about discomfort. The really weird thing is I am not yet uncomfortable about the real paper loss, but felt rather unhappy seeing  Venture going up and up in this correction.

The mind is more at peace with correction since I have a fair bit of cash. 

I also thought I will be rather happy if the market goes up since I am also vested.

There are counters that went up and up after I sold them before but I hardly feel anything. I wonder why? CES is sold at 70 cents and YZJ at 1.14 when the news of lawsuit first emerged.

Why is VENTURE so special? Since this is not a Method Exercise, I will skip it.

I think beside the target price and business operation analysis, the next question we really need to ask before we sell is: what is the alternative? 

Also, we must also ask ourselves if we will be ok, if we are right about the operation and earnings but wrong about price movements. If we buy, are we able to very relaxingly say "just hold and wait lor" if we sell, can we just say:" find another lor, it has some inherent risk too what..."

I need to emphasized this is not about not sticking to buy and hold, it is about making better buy sell
Decisions that sit better with the Mind. 

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