Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random thoughts: Diary of a whiny kid

Taking care of my son always give me flashbacks of myself when I am a kid.

When I get into secondary school, I had the most discontentments.

Discontented that:
My parents were always quarreling 
I need to help clean up the hawker stall at night
I lived in a cramped HDB that did not even have a table for study.
Do not have enough pocket money to go out with friends.
Do not have video games at home

Now I realised then I could

1) sleep as long as I liked as long as I do not have Saturday CCA training.
2) free to roam around until 8 pm before I reached home, even on non- CCA days
3) parents who didn't bother or too busy to bother about my studies, so that I grow independently and work at my own pace.
4) My parents who in return, never expect anything in return, be it money, time or love.

So, I wondered, 30 years later, when I looked back and see myself now, there will definitely be things which I missed. 

Some blessings which will only be understood in hindsight.

Then another thought came: 

If I knew what I know then, 20 to 25 years ago, would it make a difference.

I am not sure. I will still be unhappy with the quarreling. I might save better, with more allowance to go out with friends, but if not for yesterday experince, would I be what I am today?

At the end of the day, I do think hindsight understanding is overrated. 

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