Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year-end portfolio review - A dismay record

True to my nick, I have a dismal record. 

All my counters were bought in 2013 except Nam Lee. I used to own and sell other counters too, and trade s-chips quite heavily at one point of time. After reading "the intelligent investor", my whole investment paradigm shifted. I am also clearer with what I want, I wanted dividend income for cash flow, more than capital gain.

I decided to be more transparent with readers, showing how much was vested. Is ok if other thinks I am silly, and stop reading my blog.

I also calculate return based on costs. I know there are better performance indicators but I think this suits me fine. At the end of the day, I want to make money.



As you can see, for the year 2013, it is a dismayed 3.3 % return if I were to sold everything now.

I added APTT and HPHT to my portfolio. For HPHT, i buy in a second tranche at 0.77 cents 

But I am not losing sleep. In fact, I would have bought more of APTT if it falls to 70.5 cents today.



  1. Thanks for sharing your stock portfolio. When the stock market is in correction mode then there are not many investors having superb returns. l am certain that there are many "silly" investors out there having dismayed returns at the moment. Good to know that you are able to sleep well during this market correction; now, not everyone can achieve this.

  2. Haha, thanks for your kind words.

    I never pretend to be a guru. And I especially know how difficult it is to invest in a non-bear market. I actually make most of the purchases around 3100 of STI. The only exemption is YZJ, I think I bought when market is 3200... So not all stocks fall or rise with the general market.

  3. Blog name is what you may be telling those in Cyber world what you intend to do with your spare money as finance and investment blogger.

    Time to change?


  4. Hi,

    I also focus more on passive dividend income than capital gains.
    Even though REITs did not do well for me this year, my passive still increase. So, I am satisfied.
    Looking forward to your posts next year! ^^

  5. Haha, I am still honing my skills... When I know my tactics work, I will change my nick to sibeisteadyinvestor


  6. So long u dont put in both hand and leg, and have a stop loss for all vestment will be fine. I make 69K from penny speculation, and loss some 16k in the penny fiasco. Imagine if I did not implement this stop loss, the loss will be disastrous.
    Market will soar soon. Good luck.

  7. I hope u do not mind, int rate wil be rising which fed have no control. All reit will be hit, sell to strength now, and buy back later cheaper, my suggestion, your choice?

  8. Great, seem u have a great trading plan. Keep it up. I don't really do cut loss with price as determinant, but business outlook and strength/ weaknesses.

    Thats why I stop buying smaller schips

  9. If you say you built your portfolio only in 2013, yr 3.3% ytd still beat STI on a relative basis as STI is still under the water by (2-3%) as of today.

    Not that silly after all! Maybe just a suggestion to clearly define your strategy and stick to that. Passive income or capital gain or both? Your portfolio looks like both to me.... High yield n cyclical stocks.

    All the best for 2014!

  10. Hi sgftfund,

    Haha, thanks, that is a good way to look at it. They say happiness = Reality - expectations.

    I have low expectations, so I am usually happy. Ya, maybe I should be contented that I beat STI in 2013.

    Ya, I pick Golden agri and Yangzijiang for capital gains. I am aware that they are cyclical and will have to exit at the right time. But I demand yield even if I pick a cyclical, a pure growth company without any dividends is not in my portfilio.

    I always wanted the best of both world.

    In fact, If I want to have a more accurate picture of rate of return (historical), I should include the selling of CES and Anchun in 2013, a net loss of $2300. But I do not want to do a historical win loss analysis, there would have to go back 1 decade during my university days.

    The portfilio is what I built up after knowing clearly what I want. Oh hindsight, I shouldn't have sold CES, although I sold at 70 cents which I calculate is the fair value of company. It went to 80 over cents, but is settled around this range for quite some time.

    What didn't occur to me is that there aren't many alternatives, and I gave up a >8% yield stock with good MOS... bad call... It was another lesson for me

    As for Anchun, lets just say I have enough of small s-chips, and the loss is much lower as I have already written off the whole sum.

    Hope you have a prosperous 2014 too!

  11. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Sadly, I do not have the luxury of selling into strength, as you can see, sabana and lippo are both in the red.

    I have already taken into account interest risk in both counters, so I am comfortable with the interest rate (They have fixed rate loans, and lippo has low gearing). I am more worried about currency weakness for Lippo and managment capability for Sabana.

    Although you might be right that reits will fall further when interest rate rises in 2015 earliest? I have already sworn off trading by events, I have nothing against trading, and think many are really good at it and making money. Its just not my temperament... I am more inclined towards value-investing and wil sell if I think the business is losing competitiveness. So what would really make me sell Lippo will not be futher currency weaknesses, but rather if Lippo malls start to fall to attract crowds or occupancy is falling when others are growing...

    Wish you a huat 2014!

  12. Thank you DW,

    You have achieve quite a lot in terms of dividend harvesting... Take care and all the best for 20114

  13. Hi Silly Investor

    your blog is very enriching . Had very much to learn from all the peers here. Hoping to achieve more in the upcoming 2014 too !



  14. Hi small time investor,

    I am glad u like my blogs. Yup, I also learn quite a bit from
    Bloggers and forummers online...

    May u huat in 2014!

  15. Hi sillyinvester

    I do not think people are silly, it is just that they do not follow through on stop loss. Actually, people think stop loss is to realise one loss by selling out. This is not true. Stop loss is like pulling to the side to wait for opportunity to get back in cheaper, thus to break even faster or profit more when reversal come.It take me a while to truely understand and implement this. In a crash, every stock will be sell down, if u remember 2008, so it is unwise to hold, we can buy cheap when market bottom. We may not buy at the very bottom, but at least , we buy cheaper. What is the point in following the stock down and back up and gain nothing. And if like 2008, it take a long time for them to come back. some stock fall 50% and more.

    But your portfolio look good. Even if you hold on to them, with a longer time frame , say 5 to 10 years, I see them higher price.

    Please stop calling yourself silly. It make us reader even more silly. I do make mistake. No one is God.
    At least, you are honest, not like other site who claim this and that.
    I have great respect for straight forwardness people like you.
    May you prosper. I believe a crash is coming. It is hard to believe we do not have a 10% correction for the dow for so long. This is a bad sign. Have a stop loss for all vestment is our only protection.
    I do not know what will be the cause for this correction. But the 10 Year Treasury Note is heading up , this bad for stock. Market claim a 3.5% wil cause a stalk in stock, but i think 4.5% will be the trigger point.jmo.

    I am looking to buy silver. This will be my second round if silver soar.

    Good luck to you.

  16. This is a add on to my previous post. I believe there will be one more rally for STI, before hell come. And I have open 2 more CFD account, ready to short all blues first follow by mid cap.
    Wish me luck.

  17. I am not against value investing over a longer time frame, but I will only do that to soild counter that have no or min debt. Like SIA eng and SGX. But stop loss is a must for all vestment. In a crash, all stocks , whether solid or not, blue or mid cap, will be sell down. U are not selling , so what., fund are .The price will go down whether u like it or not. Sell fast and first, then wait on the side to buy back cheap later. Please do not take this as I am teaching, what i do is what I have learn form other experience market player. I am sharing.
    Stop loss is applicable to everything in life. In relationship, in everything, not only in stock.

    Currently, I have vallianz, ottomarine, Hankore, all in very good profit. I do not suggest that you trade.Trading are for full time. If you hold a day job, that cannot do. If that is the case, value invest is the way, but stop loss and risk management come useful.

    May you be well.

  18. Hi victor, thank you for your sharing of your strategies. My nick is to pysc myself to keep learning, and be candid about any mistakes learn. It has nothing to do about influencing others, and never in my intention to tease or preach. Haha

    Actually, I do with a stop loss in place. Just that the trigger is not percentage price drop but deterioration of business.

    Frankly, if in another 2-3 quarters, I might sell nam lee if bottom line doesn't improve... I almost cut loss for nam lee until it mention cost overrun.

    I might also sell sabana if occupancy does not improve. I will give it more time if occupancy rate for industrial properties in general turn weak.

    If operating numbers remain decent and price correct horribly, like what u say, I will buy more.

    Do note that I am not grossing over the challenges of macro black swan, or think stop loss using price as a determinant is a lesser tool. It is just that I have thought through these before, I decide hey, that is what I want to do. The truth is, I have cut loss before hoping to get something cheaper, well, it didn't turn out well, and the market recover strongly instead.

    That's why I believe TA and FA overlapped little. Value investors or •fake value investors always scoff at TA, I dun. I think there is no better way, but there are people better than TA than FA and vice versa. Some claim they can find middle ground. That's fine too. But there is no way, one camp will surrender to the other ....

    In the end, like what Mao says, doesn't matter black cats or white cats, can catch mices, it's a good cat. So doesn't matter value or trading or whatever technique, can make money it's good technique.

    I am at least not losing money and sleep now. When I trade and use TA last time( used o use cross over, RSI, MaCD etc) but doubts keep appearing, and my records is worse than what I am doing now.

    Again, I must emphasized this work for me, and me alone. Everyone must find their temperament and inclination in investing.

    It seems u have got a some sound TA methods that work for you. And I believe u mastered those through hard work, school fees, and trial and error.

    I hope u are right in your forecast and make money. Although that would mean I would have to sit through a period of paper loss. But that would be fine with me. If the fundenmental are fine, they should rebound and I will collect the dividends in the meantime. I will just keep diversing and accumulating in the "sale" period.

    Sorry for my long reply. Haha. I very naggy at times. Occupation hazard

  19. Using FA and TA do work , but no very good. These are base on past trend project forward into the future. I use it early on year., Loss money more. Now I follow trend , smart money.
    A stock is good so long it make you money. Look at some stock, very solid fundamental, but the px hardly move for years. If no one is interested, how good it is , is also useless. A thing is good only when everyone is going for it, be it empty shell or rumour or whatsoever, who care.

    Some buy for yield, it look smart, shouting I am getting so much annually ,but in a crash, a counter can be beaten down by 50% or 70% over. A 50% down , need to do a 100% just to break even, It end up , u pay the dividend to yourself, not the market pay you, and worse ,end up sitting on huge losses. Stop loss is a much for all vestment. Some refuse to cut early because they hope it will come back, but it go down further, till it got no meaning to cut. Remember, in an perssimistic situation, low can get lower. Buying for yield only work if you are lucky to buy at 2009 low. that was when I remember my uncle was buying like no tomorow (capitalmall, suntec. and the like), the yield I think was like some 19%. and u buy at rock bottom price. If that is the case, you are unlikely to lose.
    I think we see that again, hopefully soon . I am looking forward to them, it is easy to short in this type of market.

    When there are crash, we should join in the selling fast and wait to buy back cheaper later. It is unwise to stay with your value vestement which go down anyway, even if you are not selling.
    This is no value investing, this is stupidity, and u end up really silly, isn't it.

    If u are interested in yield and dividend income, I believe we have achance soon, wait u see reit yield at 15% , there is no question in my mind — zero doubt

    good luck. ..remember to profit more, cut loser early or cut all vesment fast on very bad news.

  20. Haha I am quite sure there will be many who will agree with your investment mandate, as with many who will not agree.

    To each his own. 😄

  21. Just show me the Money in near-real time posting then I believe.


  22. Aha... The most important KPI.

    I however believe, any time based restriction or unrealized profits or losses, are just that.

    In investment, the important profits that matter is realized profits, could be through locking in of profits or dividends.

    As they said, the last laugh laugh best. If the dividend or capital gains is big enough to pay for itself, and u can do this consistently. then u are in the league of warren and peterlynch ...

  23. You are right. I am glad to share and show you the money. If you are really interested, pls e-mail
    Egoism and greed kills.

    I do not invest, I trade day to day.

  24. The last laugh , sure that laugh will be your last, if u stay till cow come home.
    That is the laugh of a guy who gone bonker from huge losses.
    Stop loss is your only protection fro all vestment.

  25. U can also mail me at

  26. Hey cheongwee,

    It's you! U used to be active at Nextinsight, I am greenrookie from there if u remember..

    Haha.. U not active there anymore??! I am sure anyone interested will contact u.

  27. So how u see my ISDN . If I have stay , more will prosper. I have make huge profit from ABL. ISDN all follow make ton,

  28. All those on my mail , make huge money. Buy and hold look good for now. But will not be , going forward.

  29. ISDN alone I make ton, most of them at nextinsight who follow , and mail me profit greatly on ABL. and they was the very first to get out, when I call to them.

  30. To make a mere 3.3% on return is really silly. And u tell us u are the Greenrookie.
    I am sorry, I cannot remember. But those on my mail, I did not ask them for money or royalty. It is just affinity , that is all. U too get get free call, free, no obligation. U need not donate or what, your money.Your choice.

  31. Thanks for the offer to help me beat the markets. But no thanks. Any reader, not that big size, who wish to be on cheongwee mailing list, please send him an email.

    I will still do it my way. It is not egoism but responsibility over my own money. I blame only myself if I lose money. But seriously, I already get past that stage where I will feel unhappy when market goes down or excited when market goes up. I have also get past the stage when I feel jealousy about people making tons of money from
    Trading. I blog about it before, and I already get past it. I count my blessing more frequently than count my net gain or loss.

  32. Well, if you said so , then it must be so, it cannot be otherwise.

    No worry, I am not like other, ask you to come and learn and make some money from you, I don't need that. I am self sufficient. U just take my call and follow trading rule, that is all to it.
    But I would like to share my take here going forward into 2014. I expect....

    Dow to hit 16800 to 17100

    STI to drop below 2750

    Gold to drop below US$980...( go for silver for max. profit, next cycle going to see gold at $3000 abv, u said I am dreaming, I said dream do come true, it come true for me at 1700. I told some of them long before it come to pass, but they said now it is 1100, r u sure!!!}

    Crude to soar pass US$115

    Singapore property to drop at least 15% and above in 2014.

    That is just my analysis.. no sure thing in life.
    But One particular point I am very confident is in gold. ..especially silver.

    Good luck to all.
    May all be well and happy. do not loss by taking call, he loss only when he become extremely greedy and too emotional and too proud to admit wrong.
    to be less emotional is to live day to day, live like today will be the last day, so what wealth..
    and dream like u going to live forever. When u are gone, what so good about STI at 5000.

    You know sillyinvester...there was some guy on my mail , refuse to get out of ISDN at 1.3, when I told them to, instead, they add on, telling me the TA/FA look good. True enough, ISDN went to 1.5...I believe they said in their heart that cheongwee was wrong this time, I am one up on him. and I believe they load on more at 1.5.because one guy told me he did,.and they ask why I sell too soon. Today , that very same few guy are all quiet. I know they loss heavily, till no voice, that is the case of the "last laugh" like you told me. That is the case of extreme greed. If one want to laugh at other, please do it only when he is at the other side. ( dead)

    Remember I call to buy ISDN when it was just a mere 16C !!! at Nextinsight.

    There is nothing wrong to be greedy, we are born with it, it is wrong when you get too emotional and too exuberance. Just like sex, even IQ 300 president scholar also give way.
    I wish all well, and I still love to share, save that I have a lot of guy to take care.
    I will not reply to this site again.
    We are ready to short STI anytime soon.

    wish you well. Good luck

  33. Otto marine. 8.4 break to see 11, then 13.
    Just watch it.

    really the last post over here, byee

    Thank sillyinvester for giving me the privilege to post here.
    sorry if I cause you stress.

    May u all be well and happy

  34. Hi victor, cheongwee

    Thank you for your generous sharing. Personally, I did an informal tracking of your records then when you are at Nextinsight, u are more often right than wrong although there were many "attacks" then.

    I also genuinely think that net net, u are making a lot of money.

    But I dun think I have enough ammo to follow your every call, I also dun like zero sum game, my temperament, since someone gain is another loss, at least in the short term.

    I hope any reader who follow u will not be consumed by greed(ask to cut, dun cut, ask to lock dun lock) or fear(follow some advice and dun follow some) and prospers with u. Thereafter, they will do some donations with their new found fortunes.

    May u have a huat 2014, and may u and your followers keep up the great record.

  35. No worries, you are welcomed.

    Just that I am not sure my readership is anywhere near Nextinsight. Some have been asking about you there. I think you will find more followers there. Just a personal question:

    Don't you feel stressed or responsibilities for those in your mailing list? I mean, they can only have themselves to be blamed if they follow you half=heartedly. But for those who follow your every calls, wouldn't it be stressful if they didn't have enough ammo as you??

    Or do you actually did some profiling check first?

  36. Hi sillyinvester

    It is scary, nobody ask why STI is not at record high as the dow did, in most forum I visited. In 2007, we were at record high together with the dow.
    Why fund are not buying? I read most forum, there was no discussion on this subject which is of importance. I know the roughly reasons why? too long to post there.

    Did u see STI chart? It is telling us a very bad sign. And worse , if dow collapse, our sti will follow to dip even more...20% to 30% is on course over the next 18 months. I am not scaring anyone, but if u do TA. u know. If you believe in cycle, like i did.

    I hope u do not mind, like I sound snobbish saying this and that to show off as though they will come true., but i am telling you all this from my analysis TA chart to share. ...disclaimer

    I got no intention to get fame or reputation in this faceless forum. But I hope I do share and help my fellow invester to exit market in good footing.

    2 things value invester can do , is buy when STI hit 2200 or below if you have a 5 to 10 yrs longer term view., always have opportunity fund ready to buy at bottom to average or you can sell to strength and buy back later cheaper if STI trend down 10% from 3185 or there about.

    I hope my opinion never come true, but at this point in time, I am likely to be right then wrong. Just keep watch. I am ready to go short by Feb.
    good luck,
    May all be well, safe and happy .

    I said I will not reply, But I feel bad if I dont say. So please forgive me , and let me say one more last time.
    Thanks you , and which me wrong.

  37. I make my call, the choice is yours. Most on my list make money, there is one 65 yrs old retiree lady, insist on giving me present to thanks me, I reject.
    No, I do not feel stressful just because of a few guy. I cannot dont share just because of some few greedy guy. It is unfair to other. Those who suffer lose is their own doing. Remember, they were initially making very good money, till they let greed take over. It is not my fault. And I do have fail trade which I call them to cut fast. If they want to hold, they got themselves to blame.
    Because , they must know, we are trading..

    It is a matter of personal choice, U have a choice, U are old enough to choose to follow or not. I did not coerce anyone.

    Imagine, one day, u got no food, and i share food with you, then u dies of food poisoning, How do i know it is poisonous? should u blame me? Or do you prefer to starve to death.

    It is unwise not to follow trading rule. I told most of them in the beginning, if they do not want to cut loss, then don't trade. They know this very well, but if they choose to outsmart me, then they deserve to loss. Thus, no one blame me, except you..LOL

  38. Trading is not put both hand and leg into the market. This is gambling. We have our tools, to help us. We do some maths before we enter a trade, how much one is prepare to lose, then arrived at the amount of lots to buy in. Not just put all i, or anyhow punt.
    Trading is not gambling, I f you want to do this, then do not trade go casino.

  39. Green Rookie, you don't really have to follow charts and all, or care where the direction of STI goes. You suffer short term capital loss. I dunno why this Victor is thoroughly spamming your blog when probably you are not interested.

    Dig in and refine and build conviction. perhaps when you get that level of conviction, you know you bought the right shit.

    I'm glad to follow your blog. One of the good blogs that came out this year.

  40. Hi drizzt,

    Thanks, u are right, I am not bothered by the temporary capital loss. Although there are a few counters that I did not have the convictions that they have continue to do well beyond the next 2-3 years.

    I have qn u have wanting to ask. Your calculation of ROiC, why did u exclude current liabilities?

    I ask because it defied logic when I work the numbers for Lee metals. It's ROiC is super high in the range of 30 plus from 2007-2010 because of high current loans for inventories.. Hardly a good gauge for capital allocation. It's loans went down but maintain bottom line. That's should mean there are managing better, but ROIC tell a different pic.. A bit the confused

  41. Kyith

    I do not know why STI direction and chart got nothing to do with stock? U means your stock is so special and immune to stock market crash and correction when all are down but yours remain immune?

    In a crash, all stock will be sell down, not spare. Please don't give people wrong direction.
    I want to follow Greenrookie to ask u the same question he ask me. Don't you feel stressful or guilty conscious when people read and follow your suggestion and go on to lose big money?

    Greenrookie and all those similar site, especially those who say they are getting div of 7% and capital gain of 40%. from reit... I want to know, what is the different between u people and me. Aren't you people claiming to share with other the stock u buy, like I am sharing my trade with other?
    Newbies who read your blog may follow you people to buy those stocks, and when sti will to correct to 2200 they will sitting on huge losses.

    Don't you guy feel guilty or stressful at all? If newbie read your blog and buy those counters u bought and make just a mere 3.3%.. If minus brokerage and inflation, they will be better off , leaving their money in the CPF.

    Those similar blog too, telling people they are getting 7% div, and enjoy capital gain of 40% over. I wonder what will happen if sti correct to 2200 over the next 18 months which i have zero doubt?
    I see their counters go down 50% and they end up in deep red, and pay themselves dividend.

    Newbie reading these blog, I have advice for you. These blog by Investment moat and similar, their idea are mostly copy from elsewhere, so are all second handed ideas from expert. If you are serious about value investing. you should go to bookshop to buy book by WB or some expert and learn first hand from these guru, not those who blog talk much but no much value.

    Kyith and those similar blog, i suggest you all close your site, and stop doing damages to newbies. Stop giving stupid direction and say stupid thing ., like sti direction and chart got nothing to do with stock investment. U guy are really a laughing stock,

  42. Kyith

    At least, Grennrookie site is gentlemen, no censor , unlike your site which comment require your moderation before publish. So what newbie read are all praises , and good comment. Bad comment and honest one ended up not publish.

    Newbies, please do not waste your time , go read WB or the like, for real stuff, not those talk like real, but also copy from expert themselves, and take it at though they invented them. No shame at all.

  43. No moderation of comments is still the best.

    People are always bias when come to moderation. No doubt about it.

  44. There is still some moderation, readers that first post ther comments need approval from me, thereafter it will be automatically approved.

    Anyone, I will not delete any posts unless its a total spam, or it get so personal that it is defamatory in nature

  45. Victor,

    Drizzt also post comments on doubts about his analysis. He post comments from music whiz giving comments on how to further improve his analysis. So I dun think he only approve praises

    Generally, those ho leave comments said something nice, otherwise they are very diplomatic.

    Having said that, I have no problems with straight talkers as long as content is backed by substance. It doesn't mean I have to agree though. Some are also arrogant in their comments, but I rather read arrogant comments that are insightful than rubbish that are polite.

  46. Yes...Createwealth8888 is correct, no moderation is best. But I think he do have the right, His blog after all.

    Thanks.all.... I apologise for those thing i said that may hurt people.
    But no worry, I see your vestment is OK, so long u have a longer time frame shd turn out fine.
    I am sorry to come to post so much here. Remember to buy more at the bottom, I strongly believe this will be the coming bottom and start of the next secular bull mkt. 17 yrs cycle, hope so.

    I thanks you for your generousity and forgiveness.
    Trading is tough, It is not for most people, thus i do not want to go to nextindight, these people go there are for value investing. Buy and hold. Thus I left there and also for other reasons.
    Those who follow me from nextinsight, i share with them, they know what they are doing. I don't cheat. Some said I am BB runner. BB don't need runner, They just push a counter, then greed will takeover. and Small retailer will chase.

    My apology to Kyith, Grrenrookie and those for harsh word I use in my post. Before I have no chance to do redemption.

    May you all be well and healthy. My sincere wish for all a Happy and healthy new Year.

    I am truthly and sincerely sorry, hope you accept my apology.

    Bye for the last time.

  47. Haha I dun think many at Nextinsight are doing value investing. They are either doing trading or penny speculation. Maybe u are away for too long. I seldom post there anymore as I think they are more interested in quick bucks than value investing. If u leave them thinking they do value investing, guess they are neither here or there.

    The more serious value investing forum has to be valuebuddies.

    That is someone with nick of Zen, I thought he post like u. I have this thought if u are the same person. Haha

    Plenty of pennies and trading discussion, ppl are excited over daily or weekly gains or losses. I think u will find more of the same frequency there.

    Personally, think u have a better record than most, and u are upfront that u are trading. Didn't hide behind the guise of investing.

  48. Long-term investing is boring.

    There is nothing to boast or shout about it on every other days.

  49. Victor, you come to my blog before and you seem so amiable about it that you chose to subscribe to my feed via email. If its really copy and paste nonsense then why are you subscribing to it?

    Moderation is a technical system to prevent deliberate spam such as this. Why can't you address his post in 1 or 2 post instead of posting it as if its a chat session?

    If that is not an indication of blog spam i do not know what is. We each have our own investing method and you have already provided an email (again the same email i recognise from my blog) >

  50. Hmm... Hi drizzt,

    Dun know why your this post went to the spam... So sorry...

    I didn't even know there is a spam filter for the blog. Here goes.

  51. Hi Mike,

    I spent quite a bit of time reading this blog post and ALL the comments! Congratulations! Your blog is attracting a lot of attention and your fear of talking to yourself has been dispelled! :D


  52. Haha,

    Yup, I am happy! But can understand how u feel when u say sometime dun have anything to write.

    Analysis do not come always. Some interesting companies do not even get past initial screening. So again nothing to write.

    As for the random thoughts... Er ... I am not quite sure if I should continue writing those. Haha

    U too, have a happy new year !!

  53. Following you my friend, good luck to 2014 investing journey.
    Best of health and wealth~!

    Stay on course, learn from mistakes, a disciplined approach will carry you through and through.

    Many ways out there to make money, trust one that you can sleep well at night.


  54. Hi HLtiong,

    I like your last line, trust one that allow me to sleep at night.

    Seriously, I dun have problem sleeping, but have problem staying awake. Always tired our by the end of day. Guess can sleep is bliss.

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