Friday, February 28, 2020

Random thoughts: The benefits of investing

I would say the benefit of equity investing is more non tangible than monetary. In my experience, investing has really broaden my perspective as much as my years of education did.

Looking at the world around us has another level going for it. From recognising the company involved in our lives, from the mall we go, the food we eat, the transport we take, to analysing competitive strength, projecting earnings etc. It is stimulating for the minds.

It is also good training for the heart. Being decisive, and making a call after analysing. Ability to be cool headed, stomach loss, cut loss, see profits evaporated etc. 

Knowing all the biases and incongruity in views and recognising your own view is the most important, is also perhaps an important trait investing has done for me. Remember, every buyer has a seller for the price to transacted. Being right at a particular point of time doesn't mean you are always right, and being right at the right point of time doesn't also necessarily equate your opposite position player is wrong. 

It also means I like to be a lot more cynical with what I see and hear. Since a lot of news and information can be filtered away by marketing gimicks lens. 

I do not think I will stop investing, although I hardly think I am good at it. Perhaps like Smol, is a way to keep my mind and heart "entertained" (I dun really think I reach the zen practice level, by entertained, yes)

Personally, I think I have gotten over the word "returns", be it XIRR, ROA CAGR or whatever you fancies. These are helpful markers and benchmarks to help us in decision making and provide the cheapdrill or bragging rights when doing well. But it shall not, and will most probably not be my goal. 

If according to my plan, and valuation, is buy, I buy. I think less of catching the bottom, and fear less of people mocking me catching falling knives. I also fell less urge to explain my decision. To each his own. I might be indeed too early into the market, but I feel indecision and paddling back on your plan is worse. 

I have at a point of time close to 60 % cash which some says I am too conservative. I am now only 40 percent cash and people are asking me to conserve my fire power. U get confused if u have not think through carefully in peace time. The 60 percent to 40 percent drawn down happens within 2 months.

I have been on a buying spree lately. And yes, most have gotten lower. The only difference this time is I no longer doubt my choice. I might be wrong, but I am not disturbed nor confused

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Random thoughts: 3 months into the new role in my work

Has left my management work. 

Must admits ego a bit bruised, but is accepting it slowly. The joy of teaching went back to 8 in a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being elated and can't wait to step into the classroom.

I have more time to plan my lessons, my time for the children, including those in my new CcA. Manage to lose some weeks after I start exercising every morning as I tried to also play the sport when I trained the school team players.

My P6 class is really adorable. Switching off the lights to scare me as I enter the room. U might think they are rude, but I rather start the clas with laughter and glee. Important thing is when I say let's start focusing on work and have no more noise, it usually is really quite quiet. Although I know some of my pupils trust my colleagues better, I accepted it as I am just like another child with them. Another person who just know a bit more to be able to impart knowledge. 

First time in the school, I have pupil articulating their appreciation well in the beginning of the year. Dun need to wait for Christmas lol. 

2 years ago, when I go look for pupils during recess, they usually will frown or run, but this year, most of them will gather around. 

I am surprised I can set exam papers based on their mistakes every week, to make it more manageable for them and also to reinforce the words learnt.

I am happy I did 3 lessons that create/ simulate the authentic situation for pupils to use the language effectively.

I am able to recreate and organise my compo and oral work to be closely integrated and aligned with the syallbus.

I know my pupils are learning, and I am pushing for the marks, but I longer so hard up for it. Maybe it is because it is still 6 months away from PSLE.

I remember seeing the gratitude in the eyes of pupil who score 18 out of 70, when I say I see how hard she work, and how serious she did her paper. I know she made big leap in progress but it has yet to be translated into marks yet. She is pride. That night, she did twice the load of revision and send them to me. Think motivation is high, and I am glad I didn't destroy it.

I am not sure if all of them can pass, because the starting line is quite far back, but I think I will just keep pushing and moving with them, if they can't close the passing line, I hope they look back and say it has not been invain

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Annual Report 2019 Silly INC

Chairman message:

Dear readers, it has been a while. 2020 has turned out quite unexpectedly. When your truly is preparing the CNY just more than a week ago, he could not have expected how serious the Wuhan virus could become. Nonetheless, we keep our steel and purchase several counters that were on our radar and hit our alert price. We will discuss more of that later in our future plans to 2020. In 2019, there were many firsts. We start investing using CPF, SRS and for the first time, enjoyed the rights to subscribe to Areit. We apologize to the lack of data for year 2018 as the management team went into depression mode.

Operation Review

Dividends received:
2016 - $3849
2017 - $2200
2018 --
2019 - $2375

Vested amount is 66K in cash account, SRS 9.3K and CPF 5.7K

2019 is a year of accumulation but our company is not chasing after yield alone but looking also at earning growth. We added Capitaland. Silverlake is a tale of dramatic up and down. It is the single biggest holding and at one point is sitting on handsome capital gains of 20% for our average price 47 cents, but ended up being the biggest loser now.

We were lucky to have reduced our size when it is near its peak of 56 cents, but are still nursing capital loss of more than 20% now for our existing holding

We are monitoring it closely for its upcoming quarter results to decide what to do with it.

2016: Nil
2017: $4700
2018: --
2019: $1600

Trading gains came from EHT and Netlink. We had wanted to keep Netlink for the long term but the quarter results disappointed. On hindsight, the use of borrowing to supplement the distribution did not seem to bother investors.

2016: 85K, 57K vested in equity and remaining in cash
2017: 106K, 44 K vested in equity and remaining in cash
2018: ----
2019: 170K, 81K vested in equity and remaining in cash

We are still very conservative on the market and is holding a lot of cash. In order of size of counters in portfolio by cost, we have the following companies in the vested portfolio:

1) Silverlake
2) Ascendas REIT
3) ST engineering
4) SIA engineering
5) Hong Kong Land
6) Sembcorp industries
7) MIT
8) First REIT
9) Singpost
10) Capitaland
11) QAF
12) Koufu
13) Raffles Medical
13) Singapore Shipping
14) Pan united

Coporate actions since start of 2020

The Wuhan Virus has allowed the company to pick up Koufu, HKD land and QAF. It is early days and the company is prepared to double down on these investments if necessary.

As of 5 Feb, Vest equity is still in green with unrealised profits of 6%