Friday, February 28, 2020

Random thoughts: The benefits of investing

I would say the benefit of equity investing is more non tangible than monetary. In my experience, investing has really broaden my perspective as much as my years of education did.

Looking at the world around us has another level going for it. From recognising the company involved in our lives, from the mall we go, the food we eat, the transport we take, to analysing competitive strength, projecting earnings etc. It is stimulating for the minds.

It is also good training for the heart. Being decisive, and making a call after analysing. Ability to be cool headed, stomach loss, cut loss, see profits evaporated etc. 

Knowing all the biases and incongruity in views and recognising your own view is the most important, is also perhaps an important trait investing has done for me. Remember, every buyer has a seller for the price to transacted. Being right at a particular point of time doesn't mean you are always right, and being right at the right point of time doesn't also necessarily equate your opposite position player is wrong. 

It also means I like to be a lot more cynical with what I see and hear. Since a lot of news and information can be filtered away by marketing gimicks lens. 

I do not think I will stop investing, although I hardly think I am good at it. Perhaps like Smol, is a way to keep my mind and heart "entertained" (I dun really think I reach the zen practice level, by entertained, yes)

Personally, I think I have gotten over the word "returns", be it XIRR, ROA CAGR or whatever you fancies. These are helpful markers and benchmarks to help us in decision making and provide the cheapdrill or bragging rights when doing well. But it shall not, and will most probably not be my goal. 

If according to my plan, and valuation, is buy, I buy. I think less of catching the bottom, and fear less of people mocking me catching falling knives. I also fell less urge to explain my decision. To each his own. I might be indeed too early into the market, but I feel indecision and paddling back on your plan is worse. 

I have at a point of time close to 60 % cash which some says I am too conservative. I am now only 40 percent cash and people are asking me to conserve my fire power. U get confused if u have not think through carefully in peace time. The 60 percent to 40 percent drawn down happens within 2 months.

I have been on a buying spree lately. And yes, most have gotten lower. The only difference this time is I no longer doubt my choice. I might be wrong, but I am not disturbed nor confused


  1. Remind me the story of man, son and donkey. We can't make right decision for ourselves when we start believing in other people advice for action to take action

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