Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Random thoughts: Swopping 3 Cs for 1 C

For my generation, the 5 Cs are Condo, Car, Country Club membership, career and cash. I think no one talks about them anymore.

I remember when I first blog a post about convincing my wife against selling HDB for a upgrade, there are readers that swear by the property Upgrade game to millionaireship

I have also know of many who wanted to leave behind a property for the children because HDB will cost 1 million in their time to come.

The topic still props up now and then. But I am glad we didn't bite. My wife is officially a "tai tai". She had a bad set of cards at work, working after dinner till 11 and then waking up at 4 am every weekday to continue to work. Hat off to her for hanging there for half a year. I might not last that long. Seeing her getting thinner, I told her to just quit for her own health reasons.

It's miserable enough, and she finally put down her decent paying job and rest. I ask her to give some tuition or just shop around to work for experience and development. 

Had we bought an EC then, (just last year we were at showroom talking to banker who told us we can get a million loan for 25 years based on our salary), we couldn't have the C we wanted. Comfort in life.

I have also sold my car, I intend to renew my FIL's car and take over his ownership. His car is a OPC and for the last almost 10 years has milleage of less than 40k. They felt there is no need to have the car since they have a van, but think it is a waste to scrap it. But they think the tax and renewal costs are ex. I proposed to take over the car. They happy, I happier. I used the money from selling the car for a family trip (including them, of course) to Taiwan.

I never like membership anyway. 

Cash is low. The only thing I have perhaps is a satisfying career. Lucky I have a C to console me when my ego is hurt looking at my peers flying high. I have comfort.


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Actually what we really want is peace, serenity, harmony, or 平静的心.

    When we "acquire" something, if that "thing" gives us "pain", why do we still cling on to it?

    The natural reflex is to "let go".

    But we don't as we've been "poisoned" by platitudes like - "Don't give up! Endure the pain! Be a man! Suck it up!

    Success is what we have to GIVE UP to achieve it.

    Awareness helps us to be mindful of the "giving up" part ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Indeed, I remember reading somewhere, the simple act of holding up a cup to drink, if you dun put down the cup, very soon your hand will be aching.. LOL

      I have realise every words can have 2 sides to it, it is up to the wisdom of people to say it. "don't give up, suck it up" has it place it various circumstances, but also as you said it, is poison in other times

      Let go is not easy. I realise many a times, I simply turn my head away, and pretend that I let go.

  2. One big C - Comfort of mind. Well said. Not all of us has nice work life balance

    1. Hi CW,

      The way I see it, many of us dun have work life balance, either by choice or circumstances.

      I am thankful I am the lucky few

  3. Replies
    1. PIF,

      You said it best!Sometimes I wonder if i worry too much. I was jogging the other day, and saw a elderly driving the SBS bus. He might be working as a option, but I am well aware that they are many earning half my pay and coping.

      It is also very sad to say the top creme de crop just thinking of migrating whenever they are unhappy.

  4. Hi SI,

    Hope things are looking good. And may things look even better after this change!

    1. Hi 15 HWW,

      I am fine. More time at peace than at chaos when finances are concerned. How about u? U are also going thro changes. ;)

      There are more important things to worry about than financial freedom

  5. Hi SI,
    Absolutely right move! 人生何其短,生不带来 死不带去, 。。family and health come first,,, everything else is 过眼烟云。。is really hard to achieve " work life balance ",,, some give and take will be needed to some extent,,,:-)
    Cheers !! 明天会更好!

  6. hi pal
    cash low. satisfying career. happy family.
    i think thats totally fine.
    money can earn back one lar. so long as got health, not an issue
    be happy. be healthy.

    1. Hi King Yoland,

      Indeed, wouldn't trade high cash for satisfying career or happy family.

      I could have them all too. Lol! Earn more spend less. lol oops I am supposed to be contented. Bad me

  7. hi mike,
    was too relax recently and didn't read your blog on time.
    well, didn't know you and your wife make so much changes in my life.
    as for me, i met with my renal doctor and seriously talk about the dialysis thing.
    well, transplant not a good choice now as my lupus condition still active.
    as for me, i am still working. well, i really appreciate and grateful that my boss and hod give me a lot support in my work.

    1. very strange, that day i didn cry. i accept this peacefully.
      well, life still carry on. Happy or sad, got money or no money. 5C or no 5C, sick or healthy.
      life still carry on......
      do whatever we need to do. that is.

    2. Hi Yeh,

      U have reached a level of cultivation high enough of acceptance. Cry is ok. But pick up again. Happy for u.

      It's going to be tough, but your acceptance makes it easier, not tougher. May u find peace and happiness in fire and chaos.

      Not really a lot of changes la. At least for me, as for her, it's the holiday anyway. I dun mind.

  8. By the way, my father almost need to do dalysis. Less than 15% function.

    Went to 同济医院,肾内科, had gotbit ubder control without further deterioration. Cannot expect magic to happen at 85. At least it stop deteriorating, and improved slightly.

    Maybe u should try

    1. hi which doctor? also where is the address?
      can just go in like this without any referral letter?

    2. No need referral. Check the website. We go on Tuesday. Not everyday has specialist

    3. so your dad taking chinese herb?

    4. Yes. They quite pro. They will ask for the medical report from hospital and adjust the herbs accordingly

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