Monday, July 31, 2017

Random thoughts: Outsmart by pupils, LOL

Today, I did a revision of vocabulary through a game.

They all became Pokémon Trainer. They search for printed quizzes with a picture of Pokémon. They by solving the quiz, they will get code for them to key into a webpage containing the picture of a Pokémon. They then just do a screen shot to "catch" the Pokémon.

There are altogether 16 creatures (common errors in vocabulary) in 32 sheets for them to find and catch. I am surprised that my class could catch a majority in 30
Min. My previous experience with my class last year (higher ability - although the quiz is tougher) , is most can only solve 6-7 quizzes

Some told me there are 2 ways to do this. 1 way is to just find the words in the grid of vocabularies and key in the code without looking for the quiz. (Previous year cohort can't do this, as their quizzes contain tougher and multiple answers). Another person told me he "hacked" the system. He said he saw the similarities with the webpages ended with the word q1, q2 etc and he extrapolate it and found the rest.

Smart! I realise the second method while adding more quizzes yesterday, but thought the kids won't be so smart. I am happily wrong.

There is also another group of pupils who sobatage others by hiding the quizzes they found. I told them that is unethical and selfish. 

I also told the kids they might be quick to finish the task but miss the important point of revising of vocabulary for those who "hack" the system. 

Then, came the interesting part. I told them find the fastest way to get the whole group to have the same number of pokemons as the top catcher.

Many were frantically sharing answers. 2 groups
Just took photos of the best performer and got it done in minutes. Brilliant. I threw the same challenge to last year cohort and no one thought of that. Maybe they are too honest. LOL. Sorry, I know many in my fraternality will frown and say I am teaching them to cheat. It's ok. To me, it's important to think Out of the box and as long as u dun harm anyone, it might pays to be unique and think differently. 

I am not sure if this group is naturally more "streetsmart" or my focus on "thinking skills" are having a impact. LOL

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random story: I'm 1 war strategies

M1's ruler is glad the renowned strategist is willing to offer advice. "What are my greatest threats?" 

Sun Biscuit said:" Know your enemy know your yourself. Your potential competitors outclass you in size, balance sheet strength, and most importantly, it's only using the spare troops to try to conquer. Internally, u have no great commander, your search yield many people with potentials, those in the fixed services, some in niche products like the MOS Payment, but these are just beginning, with no market share of real battle experiences, so u have no commander to lead."

M ask:"It's my home turf, shouldn't I have home turf advantage" "My lord; in this globalize world, your people can choose to go to any country, what you provide is essential a commodity, broadband and mobile service, it is hard to differentiate it beyond price once reliability cease to be an issue. My lord, u are already the smallest among the three kindoms, where not necessary weakest. The other two have no major issues for u to exploit. As such, your people' loyalty is none to speak of"

M said" You are right, it would seems that I am already losing ground without any real confrontation. My economic backers are having second thoughts and the army already has deserters. I have both internal and external threats. Am I doom?"

Sun Biscuit said "Not necessarily, my lord. As they say, my enemy's enemy is my friend. The "dragon" that cross the Pacific Ocean has upset the balance of the 3 kingdoms. U are not fighting the war alone. But you must not show weakness. As the weaker will be the easy target of full brunt force of the enemy. Already, there is unwritten truce and coordinate efforts to prevent easy and cheap exploitations. My lord, u must keep your people happy and loyal. The fact that just years ago u have increase tax but taking away 12 G of data to tiered plans have left a sour taste. It will be sucidial to try any of these stunts in the near future."

"What can I do?" 

"My lord, u can only wait and hope. If the stars are aligned and the rain of Internet of Things is successful with the government drive of smart Nation, then maybe you could use the external forces of  increased data use to offset potential loss in business. Another way is to join forces with other, but such diplomacy efforts can only be negotiated in the position of weakness, given you are the smallest. All the best my lord, and may you followers flourish, following u."  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Random thoughts: Becoming a teacher again

I have been at my job for more than 12-13 years. Through its ups and downs, I would say I am generally satisfied with my work as a TEACHER (There are a lot of things that are not teaching related, even indirectly) 

Recently, I felt very thankful and fortunate. It's like becoming a new and beginning teacher all over again. Doing things different, feeling that heartbeat of a teacher. 

During my college and NIE training days, I ask myself what kind of teacher do I want to be ? I told myself I want to be a effective teacher. One who makes lesson interesting and not someone who nags about making the world better type of bullshit. 

That have been my guiding principle for a decade. Of course, that is not to say I care nothing but their results.

Recently, as I came back from my break, I start to listen intently to what pupils say during form teachers time. I tried not to steer the conversation to learning. I am quite surprise there are many pupils with a bad cards dealt to them (single families, re-married parents, etc) have a cheerful and kind disposition. Of course, their academic performance are not up to par. 

It makes me wonder why the fuss over divorces and single families or low income families. Affluence and greed seem to be the greater curse. 

One of those mornings where I meet my weaker pupils, I realize the reason why 1 pupil kept missing my lesson is she has no time for breakfast. I felt sorry for her and offer to get her breakfast. I talk to her more and realise it is not like she is going hungry or what, although she does has a life that is different from the typical Singaporean child. It is really a matter of lack of attention and time. I still get breakfast for her occasionally, she has pocket money btw, because she seem very happy to get breakfast from me. I realise I was to quick to feel "sorry" and too eager to "help" without even trying to understand the pupils.

Yesterday was again one of those days where homework are not completed. After reminding them to focus on their work; I ask about their "learning conditions" at home. If what they say is true, then there is hardly any conditions for home studying. 

I felt time passing away with homework still not done. But I push aside the work and instead ask the rest do they face the same situation at home. All except 1 face the same situation. 

I told them we couldn't change the situations and given that life has dealt a bad set of cards, we can only make do with what we can. I told them how to manage time by staggering the different types of homworks for different times etc.

I saw the girl eyes swelling and nose stuffing, I ask if she is crying. She said no, she has running nose and I joke the way to solve it is to give a punch to the nose. We all laugh. I observe if the running nose continues, it doesn't. It should be tears, but it doesn't matter. For a very long time, I didn't had that feeling that stirs when doing my work a teacher. 

I am grateful. 

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

1H 2017 Sillyinvestor Inc Intern Report

Chairman Message:

1H2017 is a bull run, with the world drunk on Trump's tax promises, financial deregulation. Sillyinvestor Inc did not gain much from this bull run because there was plenty of profit taking throughout the 1st Half of the year. 1.The company did reach a milestone, and that was the portfolio size including cash finally crosses 100K. We sold Accordia Golf Trust, Yangzijiang, SIngpost and Venture. All except SIngpost were exited with a profit. Singpost Loss is neligible as we manage to buy at a low price.

The only buy action was centered at silverlake axis. The story has pend out as Management expected so far, a special dividend 1.3 cents declared, contract wins continue. The last story is the turnaround in the project service segment with the continued growth in the maintenance segment, Silverlake will then be flying at both cylinders  


Outlook is uncertain. Trumponics is looking weaker and weaker. Nobody cares, but we do. We are still 60% cash, and will be looking at reducing the stake of Silverlake and Lee metal at the right price.  

Operation Review:

We have invested $42k into equity with a market value of 44k. Cash for investing stand at  $60000. This is the second time in a row that we have the portfolio above waters.  

Dividends received for first half is about $910. A sharp drop of more than 50%  from a year ago
Trading profits increased 5 folds yo $4500. Bulk of the profits came from Venture, with YZJ and Accordia Golf Trust taking up the rest. 

Total cash returns over total asset value is is 5.4% A slight improvement from last year 4.6%.

For the second half of the year, we expect earnings to be much worse than the first given the small position size vested, the tactic here is to wait

Online Ad Revenue figure is negligible. 


Start regular contribution to 2 new beneficaries.  Sian Chay Medical Institution and Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution.