Sunday, June 25, 2017

Random thoughts: Transformers lost its plot

By plot, I dun mean storyline.

I am well aware the transformers is classify under action thrillers. So I dun expect a fantastic storyline, but I do expect "action" and "thrill"

There are various ways to thrill, cinematic effects or innovative stunts never seem before.

Both are lacking if u ask me. Worse than fast and furious defintely. 

What's worse, I remember past transformers' success. The quick and sleek transformation from robot to cars and vice Versa , but at the sixth or seventh installment, it is getting boring.  

Second success, The human and robots battle. This time round is damn boring. Come on la, u going to the mothership of Queen and the only thing pinning down the troops is 1 bunker? Also, the advance and retreat of human super fake, and the tempo of fights making me yawn. I dun understand what they are running, those with some NS experience know it's corkster. Past transformers dun have this problem.

Third success, the nemesis with megatron. This time round, a side kick did the job. *Roll eye. And the way the queen is defeated. *Roll eyes too.

Too much copying. Bumblebee is now officially iron man, can have hands flying and firing without the main body. LOL.

The meshing of history with friction can be intriguing. But in the case, whether it is king Auther or just King A makes no difference. There is no depth involved. If the show is played by humans, u will think minions has a better story. 

The story goes that with the talisman, will lead to the one that rules them all staff. I have no idea what is it for and it's role in connection with the staff. Without the talisman, the duke will find the descendent of Merlin and she figure the clue to the location of staff by herself anyway. 

Come on, Hollywood. 


  1. Hi SI,

    Doing movie reviews now? haha :)

    I think you've seen a type of student who writes essays because he/she wants to show off a particular phrase. The whole essay exists in order for that moment where the phrase appears. I think it's the same with Transformers. The whole action and explosions IS the main purpose of the movie, whereas it should have been there to support the story and the plot.

    I've sat in the first two rows in the cinema watching transformer before. And I swear I'm never going to do that again LOL

  2. Lol, LP

    No la, I felt the show is really over-rated for the amount of media coverage it got.

    Herd mentality lol.

    The Hong Kong show are better

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    What you expect? There's only so much blood we can squeese from SAME stone...

    Same goes for the recent Stephen Chow's movies... After Shaolin Football and Kung Fu, it gets blander and blander...

    That's why craftsmen seek to re-invent themselves or break the chains of their old moulds. Living on past success is quite limiting...

    The flavour of the decade buzzword now is getting out of our comfort zone ;)

    That's not new.

    In our cultivation, we say we return to our 初心 :)

    1. SMOL and Anon

      I actually find the one just previous this, about the material of transformsi and the fighting in China one with dinosaur etc and evil "brother" very very cool.

      The earlier versions some of which are quite good too.

      SMOL, fast and furious 8 is still very cool and good. Different but still good. It's not so I racing anymore but good, with better weaving of its ex-stories and characters

      Of course, I dun expect fast and furious 80 to be good. But if no new ideas then dun produce la, where is the pride ?

      I felt "milked" lol

      I dun think it's how many times a franchise is done but how sincere one is producing it. Obviously not very sincere lor, for this one. I am
      Not sure if I am mistaken, but some
      Of the props looks like it belong to avengers and x-men lei


  4. Too much influence by Chinese investors. You can see that obviously in the last few Transformers movies. Some of them let the veteran movie scriptwriters & directors do their jobs, but some just want to butt in with hokey set piece moments & token china actress/actor or even weird storylines that just want to showcase Chinese cities, technology, wealth, political rise, whatnots.

  5. Hi SI

    Haha, as long as marketing works, it works.

    Spiderman homecoming next now :)

    1. Haha, B

      If this is the quality, they can forget about it being a blockbuster the next time round, especially if the next one is also a bum.

      Spider-Man is Sony attempt to come back at the entertainment and movie scene. I think they made a mistake with Spider-Man. This will be the third remake. Yawn...

      I think x men, superheroes DC, marvel a bit overdosed lei.

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