Monday, February 17, 2014

Random thoughts: Unending inherent conflicts

(Random series have nothing to do have finance and investing)

There are plenty of inherent conflicts, the solution is always to balance it. 

Can it be balanced?

Or is it just a question of seasonality, we should just let it come and let it go.

Can we have a warmer winter? If we do have a warmer winter, most probably we will have a colder spring.

The longer we refuse to let go, the harder it is for things to get balance, in the end, we can only have constructive destruction. I always find terms like that, along with phrase like mass customization too "chim"

Go deeper, our emotions, can we manage them?

Sure! But there is a price to pay for over-managing them, you might be a colder winter.

Let it flow like water? What happens if the water is considered toxic by others, and should not be flowed freely.

Inherent conflict, can only be solved by inherent conflict, or perhaps it can only be solved by the passing of time. 

In business, there are always trying to build "personal" relationship. How about building a "working" and "business-like" tone in personal relationships too? Things might get better. Or, we could just leave things to time, like the four seasons.

Too much metaphors? Sorry, too hard to put in the details 

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