Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random thoughts: When is it too much?

Not talking about money. Just wonder aloud about my own observation.

I used to feel a bit disturbed when I see elderly picking cardboards or searching through Bins for recyclable tins. I usually buy tissue papers for those who peddle tissue papers. As I increase my frequency of morning breakfast, I saw the same lady peddling tissue, I feel feel sad for her anymore, in fact I stopped buying from her. Dun ask me why, I dun know.

I used to want to do a lot in my job, I want to make a difference, made an impact to the world, however small, now, I still want to make a difference, but the difference is getting smaller and smaller and I dun seem to mind.

A dose of realism? Realism numb people?

However, on the other end, the more I invest, the more I learn about investing, the more I want to do well in this game. Greed is the name of game. How many of u when u exited with a loss, when u conceded u make a wrong call, want to make good your error by jumping into the next company in your radar? I have this impulse.

Too much, nothing good come out of it. More haste, less speed. More efforts, less effective.


  1. Dear Mike,

    I guess at work place, many young men and women enter the work force wanting to make a difference. But alas, the world chew up idealist people.The idealist who wants to help people will be stopped usually by two things: red tape and the unappreciative and overbearing members of the public. And the paperwork.

    Let's aim to become the zen master eventually. These guys are above the office politics. Red tape? No problem. They are in the system long enough to know their stuff well and can get through all the bullshit and drama to get things done.

    On investing, i do have this impulse to dive back into the stock market whenever i concede that i make a wrong judgement on certain stock, Wanted to go back in to correct the mistake. I realize that was a foolish mindset, Investing to me should a long term affair, it is not a race, not about winning all the time.

    It is about making prudent and sound decision based on safety margin and value investing. The human mind can indeed be treacherous.

  2. Hi solace,

    How true. But for my case, I had a great boss earlier, there is no red tape, parents are super supportive, maybe because I need to do some PR projects to canvass their help, so I met mostly ppl that are helpful, and words spread help.

    It's myself. I no longer work long hours. I know what can be done effeiciently and effective to the extend, i forget its about humans... Haha

    Ya, I am reminding myself to cool it. The extra cash from divestment should be left as ammo since the company I am looking at has its prices going up with the market I generally

  3. sillyinvestor,

    It's nice to throw away the weight on our shoulders isn't it?

    Travel light :)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    When I attend OBS in college days, my instructors told us that we as a group decide how much to pack for our 5 days expedition. We can pack the bare minimum but run risk of not having something when we need it. Or we could pack everything, but the load will be too heavy, and might slow us down.

    We decided not to pack our tents but bring along poncho.. Then a very gangho group mate says we can jut lie on the grass to sleep, dun even bring groundsheet. I refused. I say it isn't heavy, but can protect us from the ants, an if it rains, some protection for water.

    The common sense thing is to take a balance approach, but if real life, what constituted as balanced is really different for one another. I myself don't even really know what is balance.

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