Friday, November 6, 2015

Ng and Ng portolio update

Never mentioned my wife maiden surname is also Ng. LOL

It has been more than 3 months since I last update my portfolio. During this window, black Monday occurs and with the Fed poised to raise rate in December due to strong employment numbers. Expext volality. I will just include the companies we had, no spreadsheet, in order of capital vested, if I remembered correctly. (^ Means owned by both accounts, * means by my wife account)

^Sembcorp Industries


^ST engineering






Ascendas Reit



Accordia Golf Trust

^Gold ETF

^Singapore Shipping Corp

*Ascendas Hospitality


Since my last update:

I have sold Nothing but accumulate Sembcorp Industries, ST engineering, bought back ascendas REIT, CMPH and newly added Gold ETF, accordia Trust and cogent

She has bought back SSC and added OCBC and MIT

Excluding my wife, I am effectively 90% equity. I can't take advantage of downturn if it comes now and fast and furious.

But I am still sleeping well


  1. i also heavily invested. luckily my husband still got some emergency fund .

    and our job very less likely to retrench me

    1. Yeh,
      It is indeed true that relative to other work, it is less volalite.

      It is an advantage that we should play to, but a pay cut is a real possibility

    2. Ohh. Like that ya.
      Just increase 4% then now cut 8% ? Hahaha.

      OK. Well. I think at most no year end bonus just like 2009.

  2. Of course, that is rather drastic already.

    But there is a reason why there is a AVC component in our salary. And the proportion is not small.

  3. Hi SI

    If i remember correctly, you divested in some of the stocks previously to keep some for emergency or warchest purpose. Are there any particular reasons you are going back to 90% invested now?

    1. Hi B,

      As time progress, the amount needed for my mum treatment is clearer.

      Also, my emergency fund is twice bigger now although I have been paying my share of the bill.

      It's not that difficult, the past year of savings all
      Went into emergency fund and I bought back my stocks mostly at a lower price than I sold. The difference also kinda of help ...

      Thanks for paying attention to what is happening :)

    2. Oh ya, as for warchest! I must admit I too aggressive, during the leading up to black Monday, I buy buy buy

  4. i realised for me that dividends every mth is impt, the portfolio will effectively take care of itself---ie dollar cost averaging and increase shareholdings.

    once that it fixed..time to rock and roll! dun remind me of my black swans....haha

    1. Paul,

      I had not build that base to go on autopilot yet .. Lol. Even if I dun get that base also bo bian... Live as we can and enjoy

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