Monday, October 21, 2013

Random thoughts: Counting blessing better than counting money

In investment, we like to count the money made and the money lost, and even money not earned as money lost.

I reminded myself to count my blessing instead

I made another trip to the GP again today, I was not seriously ill, just continuous eye dryness and irritation, bloated gastric and some flu.

My eye itch rather badly when I apply eye mo, and when I am in my car, driving towards the clinic, I count how miserable would it be if my eyes are failing me, and I can't watch my son grow up. 

Then when I am leaving the clinic, I saw a construction worker being helped by another worker, he was limping as he made his way to the clinic, they were accompanied by the foreman. All three look rather glum, the foreman and the injured worker looked especially troubled. I am not sure if the worker is properly insured, even if he was, how long will it take before he can work again.

How good my life was, and those that passes me by, having the money to see doctor when the need arises, not having to worry about spending money to see doctor and get dinner. Most people in Singapore are able to watch their kids grow, and do not have to scrimp just to buy some basic necessities or services.

Life has been good for me. I recently get a shot at a promotion, I may not get it, but I do not have to worry about my existing job if I don't get it, another blessing to be counted.

Feeling blessed.


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