Saturday, September 12, 2015

Living the moments, so what is it?

The funny moment. 
Ask my son:" who are you?"
He will mimick: because I am batman!

The touching moment 

The relaxed moment
Chit chatting moment with the gang at handle bar, while facing the sea, and waiting for the election results.

Talking c** with fellow bloggers 

The moment of jealousy
When distant relatives recount how they make a quick bucks recently by selling their property

The moment of fear
When my eyes twitched and work will start in another day

The moment of love
When my son jumped at me twice for a good night hug and my wife came alone for a big family hug

The moment of irritation
When my MIL complain about the maid again

The moment of escape cum reflection
When I turn to my smartphone and "chat" with fellow bloggers or do a draft about teaching.

Precious moments!
All of them, because I am aware. I am sure many more moments come and go because we are insensitive to ourselves and others around us.

What are you waiting for?
"Because I am Bad Man!"

1 comment:

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