Monday, September 7, 2015

Random thoughts: My thoughts on the election.

I am not canvassing for any party. I feel election politics is rather "sickening" 

I have my view on the Ahpetc accounting issues, I am not going to write my whole understanding on it because people has their own stand and they are not going to be convinced. I read both Silvia Lim open letter and MND appendixes

But there is a lot of smoking, scaremongering and tactics to get votes. A lot of strings pulling the puppets. I am quite sick of it all. 

I do see some bright spots from
Both camps, a few who are genuinely taking about specifics of policies and what they would like to achieve. 

But more Are tactics to stir emotions to get votes. 

Singapore deserve better. I remember the late LKY saying politics is about improving lives, taking care of people. Now all I read and hear  is grand vision and the smell of a particular tactic ... 

It's 90% tactic and 10% substance.

In investing, it's the boring stuff that makes money. In politics, it's also the boring stuff that affect people lives. Election is not about boring stuff but drama, let's get it over with, quickly, shall we. 


  1. Hi SI,

    Politics are everywhere as long as u r not alone n with pple involve, just that more or less?

    If u r really good, u can resort less politics -and still win, but u still need to know the whole politics game well, so as to fend off and deflect back any politics target on u.

    Use politics to fight politics... oh dear lucky.. never ending..

    So investing, reading, jogging, swimming are all things that we can do alone to "Siam" politics to achieve inner peace!

    As for elections, let the adults play politics while we the voters understand or at least know the politics to decide better. eventually there must be more work than politics otherwise it will be chaotic for us!

    Hope u in school focus on students more than politics..


    1. Yo Rolf,

      In the 2 school I went, politics is really minimum. Of course there are people y work better with, people who are ... But I dun consider that as politics.

      So ... In a way, I need not expend energy on that. Maybe that's why I have low tolerance for bullshit ...

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    Ours is less than 2 weeks, bear with it.

    The American one lasts more than a year!!!

    And compared to politics at our neigbouring Asian countries, ours are indeed boring...

    No bombing of polling booths, no political candidates meeting "mysterious" car accidents or assassinated, no "meddling" by the military, no mass street protests or demonstrations, etc.

    Boring is good!

  3. SMOL,

    That's a nice way of looking at it. How true.

    I did watch US presidential Debate, and if u ask me, the script and the content is really more engaging ...

    But like you say, boring is good

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