Thursday, February 11, 2016

Recent Market action - sold GLD USD and bought CM pacific

Just another update for readers.

Trying to be transparent, not asking anyone to follow, in fact my track records is horrible.

It is again when high can get higher and low gets lower.

I sold Gold for about 10% profit because I wanted to get CM pacific which is getting lower and lower. 

Given The US tumble and there is flight to safety to gold, perhaps today or a few days later would be a better timing if luck has its way. 

I have blogged about CM Pacific and Venture as companies whose fundenmental I think would not changed in the short term in today's volality.

I could be proven wrong with the announcement of their results. 

With this sale, my ammo increase further. It is now 5K and I could still nimble as I wait for my PB in March.

Market could possibilitly still have some
Way to go down, but I buy when market going down and sell when it's going up, with the dividends providing me with sound sleep if the going down takes a while. 

Not losing sleep yet and hope to stay that way. Have a Prosperous Market year. Mr market is monkeying around, don't take him too seriously. Don't throw in your sink 


  1. wow you are very confident of cmp. cant say the same for me.

  2. LOL, kyith,

    U are making me nervous now thou. But it's too late already. If it's a mistake, I will have to live with it

  3. Hi SI

    I am still monitoring on CMP, and I have gold too.

    The time will come when I will make the same inflection exchange point between gold and CMP :)

    1. Hi B,

      Your portfolio didn't show gold lei?

      You just bought recently?

      I chow qui, buy what will go lower, so u will Defintely be able to get a better price. What price are u looking at before you move?

    2. Hi SI

      I am holding a physical gold (around 300 gram) which was a gift for my wedding 3 years ago.

      I am only tracking my equity portfolio because it'll be too troublesome to track all the assets I technically have. That means I exclude emergency cash, physical gold, bonds, annuities, CPF, house and any insurance payout I have at the moment. I think that'll more straight forward that way ;)

    3. B,

      Wow, reading about the "sources" of wealth, I think your dream of FI at 35 is only a matter of earlier or later. lol

      I am very blessed, because I realised also have CPF, 2 LS endowements and a HDB

  4. Hi SI,

    I sold CMP completely last yr n bought in recently at lower price again. But just less than 5 lots.

    PS: The last thing we want to believe in our eyes is Bloggers portfolio on the screen!

    You see the front with shorts but the back u see shorts with big hole showing the buttock or vice versa!

    I think I better believe what my wife said!


    1. Hi Rolf,

      I made significant trading profits from CMP getting in and out twice. Now, I returned majority of that profits Liao. Lol

      I have 10 lots. If they dun cut dividends, I will be happily holding ...

      PS: dun say until like that lei. U didn't mean to poke B. Although I never met him, think he is nice guy la, in fact most of the regular bloggers I visit, I believe their projection are honest and accurate.

      Maybe he hold physical gold or dun consider gold ETF as equity.

      Cheers! May we survive the bear and ride it like a Monkey! Ho say Liao!

      I know u have prepare for this bear better than me. Go Bully the bear ! Huat ah

    2. *I didn't mean to poke B. Typo

      Btw... If I feel there is a lot of "masking" from a particular blogger, I stop visiting. Those who are visit, I think are all cool people

  5. Hi SI,

    I know wat u mean, but frankly, no offence, it's not the masking, but sometimes there ought to be things we dun show on screen. U cannot appear total naked all the times on TV right, sometimes also need bikini or swim trunk.

    Individual interpretation is impt!

    Bully the bear, ask LP. he is expert!

    ok, both B n u r all wonderful people. Happy to know all of u here!

    1. Lol. Rolf,

      World peace, love prevail.

      Aiya, wear clothes is not masking. If full nudity, I also dun want, eyes pain pain...

      Half cleavage maybe better

    2. cleavage of ru hua or the fake bathtub mermaid from the Stephen chow show!


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