Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Random stories: Durian trees

A seng know of plenty of durian trees growing behind his yard. One day, his neighbor asked for a durian fest, A seng say:" er... Not durian season yet lei" 

His neigbour replied:" find la, about time, sure have." A seng said:" wait la! A few days later, there will be plenty for picking."

A few days later, both men went to the forest and indeed found plenty of durians, they picked a few and invited other neigbours. One of the neighbour asked if he could also picked some. Ah seng said:" sure! Go ahead!"

The next day, his neigbour went excitedly and came back with D24 and shouted "ho ho!! Best breed, I not eating this, I will take this few and sell it. Thanks Seng!"

His neigbour who first went to pick the durians was unhappy. Why didn't ah seng stop him.

Ah seng said:" the forest is not mine, it is his good luck to find good durians, I had my full, I am going to sleep."

His neigbour went to look for D24 durians, spent plenty of hours and finally managed to find some. 

Ah seng was playing with his son. His neigbour said "as a friend, I am telling u this, if news of D24 durians near your place go round, there would be much D24 durians left this season, I suggest 
U be more hardworking and go source for durians. The money can come in handy the next time round.

Ah seng smile, "no durians this season, wait for next season lor" His neigbour was offended, "ungrateful and lazy fellow" he thought to himself and left.

Indeed a lot of people came for the durians, and ah Seng did not have much luck, but he was contented with the simple durians he had, and is at peace with himself. What is the fuss about D24? 

He saw people fighting over the durians and one day, decided enough, and move to another corner of the village to live and fish. While fruits are not as readily available, he had more fun running with his son together in the field and take some fishing at the lake 


  1. Hmm
    I feel that you hint hint about fishing during the crisis.


    1. LOL yeh,

      Could be. We see what our heart reflects

  2. Durians and fishing are my two favourite. :-)

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    I can hear 张三的歌 in my head as I read your story ;)

    Just in case you too young to know this song:

    1. Smol,

      Never never, I never hear that song before. Sound nice sound nice ... First time I hear

      (Basket! I saw the title, quite sure I would
      Not have heard it, but I knew the song! #*%><£

      Basket, but I still young and handsome ok

    2. SMOL
      this is my favourite song too. but i like this singer.

    3. yeh,

      You surprised me for a moment!

      You're too young to know this song of my generation ;)

      No wonder! So there's a newer cover version by this Taiwanese singer. I'm too old to know this singer... LOL!

      Eh, Malaysian charbo, you stay pretty pretty always, you hear?

      Tired, rest; sleepy, sleep ;)


      this kind of music, only lonely folks (like me) like.

    5. 在每个繁星抛弃银河的夜里
      我会告别 告别我自己
      因为我不知道 我也不想知道

    6. 生活纵然不顺心,但我们还是继续努力着,永远不忘心中那美好的一切。

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