Saturday, November 5, 2016

Venture Corp and Lee Metals

Last Friday was the day Singpost, Venture and Lee metals results were out on the same day.

I have wrote a post about Singpost, it's results is below expectation. As for Venture, the recovery story continues.


It is a very good set of results. 

Not only has the recovery continued, margin has continue to improve. There is no more info on the different segments, but I guess the medical testing segment is continuing to expand. 

The funny thing is Abeerdeen is always selling more than they are buying.

Cash pile is increasing. The good dividend of 50 cents is in safe hands now, since Q4 is usually the strongest quarter.

There were 2 years when dividends were 55 cents, if Venture repeat that stunt, it will be a catalyst, otherwise, steady as it go, is fine too.

Lee metals' story is intact. While the headlines might be ugly, it is one alpha steel company that has stable NP of profits. Many steel stockists are already in the red, so having stable profits is no easy feat. 2 cents dividend should be able to be maintained. 

For non-reit/ trust counters, only ST engineering and Yangzijing has yet to announce results.

Venture has done above expectations.

Sembcorp Industries and Lee metals is within expectations.

Singpost below expectations.

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