Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Random thoughts: my pupils' dream job

It is winding down to the end of the year. 

I introduce Windows Publisher to my pupils, and asked my pupils to do a business card for themselves.

I told them upfront, choose something u want to be, u like, dun worry about money, forget about your parents ' expectations for a while. It is just a fun exercise, think of a job that will make you happy!

If really being a lawyer or doctor is what you want, go ahead. 

My top class has the most pupils wanting to be doctors. It is still the most popular job. But it is very interesting that it of a class of 32, the second popular job is to be a singer and a piano teacher.

I told my class my first choice since I was a little kid is to be a teacher, second choice, singer! They laughed. One pupil ask me to sing. LOL

But surprise, surprise! They is so much creativity! I enjoyed myself. So what are the top few creative/interesting  jobs my pupils aspired to be?

1) Hacker ( love this P6 guy, super beng, but he not say say only ok, he showed me some "coding", and my jaws dropped)


2) Pokémon Trainer ( LOL, well, I think that's cool)


3) Rami burger chef 

4) Ice-skater ( She is only P4, after she finished her business card, she watch a u-tube on skating. I asked her if she knows all those stunts, she told me she could, she already won 2 golds, and her coach told her she has to wait 2 years before she can take part in international competition! "Got eyes cannot recognize Tarzans") 


5) Writer

6) Anime creator 

Then I did some cheapo chit chat. I ask, "if I am sick, will u take care of me and give me a discount?", some doctors aspirants readily said yes! Some pondered  a long time and said "ok la". I tease them, "how much discount would I get? " She said "10%" Hmm... I think I need to emphasize generosity more.

I had fun! I thought I got to know my pupils better in this 1 "bo Liao" session than the whole year for most of them. 

When I printed out the name cards and gave it to them, one P6 girl was elated! And she kept it in her wallet, very proud of her name card. Made my day. 


  1. Hi SI,

    Haha, you had fun, I had fun reading this :) I had 2 doc students too, so I already secured future medical costs hehe :)

    I hate this what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up thingy when I was a kid, because I really don't know what I want to be. Definitely teacher or tutor is not in my mind. Maybe now it's a bit clearer but nah, I'm really not very good at dreaming :)

  2. Wonderful and refreshing post. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. Never heard my kids talking about such exciting lessons before.

  3. LP,

    I have quite a few staring into space and have no idea what they want to do.

    When I first did this with P6 class, I seriously ask them to think about it. They really think hard and then ... I got a doctor and a vet.

    When the P4 stared into blank, I say "chill, do what makes u happy" they start typing away rather quickly LOL

    I had a girl who wanted to open her pedicure shop. Ask her I can't enlist her service except maybe for my wife, her friend said "do on the face lor" 😭

  4. Andy,

    Maybe your child didn't share? E.G. Is the rave now, although I never have this email when I planned this ...

    Ya... it's moments like this that keeps me going in my job.

    Without this pull, I am quite sure I will take the plunge even with the fear of loss of security of pay cheque

  5. Hi SI,

    Interesting exercise for the students. Think they enjoyed it. :)

    It's such exercises that students remember their teachers.

  6. Hi UN,

    I certainly hope my children remembered me.

    U know, it is very stressful for them and also for me. Next Thursday is D-day

    1. Press on! You are doing a great job! :)

    2. Lol (I am Nicole) 4e.i never giving discount.

  7. Hi UN,

    Thanks for your encouragement !!

    A... Nicole ... Shhh... dun tell your friends how u stumble here ok.

    I want some privacy lol... I am not referring to u la. U need not give any discounts. You are a 开心果!every time I see your big smile, I also happy, remember to keep your spirit high and be always rub your positive energies on others.

    It is fun and a pleasure teaching u and the rest of 4E.

    Patients need doctors to smile more at them. Give them a hearty laugh instead of just scrubbing away at the clipboard.

    Will miss u and the rest when u people go P5!! I will be away for half a year next year after 2 weeks in school

  8. See you tommorow p1 orientation (Nicole)

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