Friday, May 5, 2017

Random thoughts: 3 M at work

We all know the 3 M of investing.

My chapter as a student has closed. During this 17 weeks, I have been actively pursuing Method of the 3 M of my work. There is plenty of knowledge to be gain and it provide clarity. 

However, I realize yesterday I did not prepare for or thought the Mind will not be a problem. I am feeling super sianz and lazy. I did still spend the last day mugging and thinking in the library. I knew I wouldn't have the luxury of time and clear mind when I jumped back to work. Funny my sense of urgency to prepare as much as before for my return did not help in my Mind Part. In fact, all the symptoms of escape are obvious: Whinny, looking at companies to kill time ( my last post for Silverlake was a rather detailed one for a long while ). During 17 weeks, I did scan financial reports but feel that time can be better spent reading on my work related knowledge and talking to people about them. 

So what is Money at work? I believe it's time. The amount of time we spent to get what we want. Some people go for rara paper work, some focused excessively on results (KPI), whatever it is, u need to invest time (which is equal To money). I was hard up for time during work, because what I cared about, I can only allocated a maximum of 40% doing it. Hence I tried to save as much "Money" but trying to use "method" to make it work harder. I plan the big ideas for lesson way advance and think through them. Of course, I still need time to prepare for them but I just want to have a good helicopter view of the lessons and what can be done effectively for them. In the fry pan, effeciency is the key word of the game. 

So when the mind is not working properly, what can be done. The key is always acceptance and compassion. I could not accept I will lose my "good life" so quickly. The good life has made me weak again. So I allowed myself one day to wallop in sorrow and self-pity. I felt much better today, although not completely ready. I think I was a nuisance yesterday to some friends yesterday, LOL.

Let's hope the 3M realigned itself properly again. I used to do literal thinking, comparing my work with investment wisdom and see how it can be applicable. Now, I think the reverse can happen. My investment philosophy can be helped by my working ethics.

The workforce is getting more competitive. Time to get back to work. LOL.


  1. Hi SI,

    Interesting that you apply 3M to work. I find that I spent the bulk of my time working on the mind part. How to treat difficult students with compassion, how to repeat things again and again without losing perspectives,how to love students at the end of the day... I think this area needs constant work.

  2. LP, I do think that compassion is important. I now finally understand what SMOL means by caring more about results than person.

    I not bleeding heart. I cannot care for a person, I am quite sure I won't go beyond the duties of teachers of calling parents and talking to them. I know some kids need more than a listening ear, but that's all I can offer with some advice perhaps and referral to this and that maybe?

    But I think I do care about more about the learning now. When you learn, your results won't be too bad, might not be excellent be should be ok. The reverse is not true


  3. Sillyinvestor,

    People first;

    then business;

    then KPIs.

    Glad you realise its PEOPLE that drives results.

    Not systems, not processes, not machines, not goals and plans.

    When managers get promoted to their next level of competence, they often cause their co-workers much stress (like that person you told me) as all they care about is meeting KPIs (to look good for themselves).

    Leaders on the other hand are good at story telling - painting a VISION that everyone can relate and buy-into ;)

    Our Singapore pledge is one such VISION.

    1. Opps! I meant managers get promoted to their next level of INCOMPETENCE.


    2. I just realize it's best to not even think of all those things.

      It's time to empty the cup again. Although empty, it's the same cup. My cup is full.

      Silly me

    3. It's not the same cup. I mean ... LOL. Although also empty

  4. well, i now think less and just make the thing done.
    One reason and my main reason to work now is to keep myself and my mind occupied.

    just do whatever i can, the end of the day , i feel that i have done something for myself and my pupils then good enough. This is what my P told me:)

    1. Yes yEh,

      One best way to live is to to go all out without regards of outcomes. Not that outcomes are not important.

      Yes. I think too much. Need the grinding to get on

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