Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Random thoughts: A old fashioned lesson that brought some satisfaction

Exam has ended.

To be very honest, I could get a bit loss with what to teach. It’s the time of the year that I tried out all sorts of funny ideas. 

Most in our fatenality will know the “egg” lesson. Ask the kids to bring an egg to school and carry it with them. Ask them how they feel about carrying it around the whole day. Link it to parental care etc.

I did it today. Ask them how they feel. Then either write a thank you Card or use software to design one. Many ask if they can thanks their friends. I said after your parents, u can design or write as many as you like. 

The cheap drill is a few pupils write to me. Ya, I know. I shameless.

Towards the end, I told them how I really felt it is important to be thankful of what we have. 

I told them about my brief brush with depression. I told them I got myself out because I think I am still thankful of whatever that have not gone wrong. 

I told them how I see someone I know slipping further and further into self-pity and misery. I told my kids they were once millionaire, intelligent and capable. But because they dun have a thankful heart, they blame the whole world for their predicament. Spend almost crazy amount of money on lottery and praying to god for them to strike. As if ... 

I told them I saw a bottomless pit of suffering which I dun think they can get out. I no bleeding heart. Though I did try to help, i did not really try hard. 

I told them a thankful heart is a self-defense mechanism. Not for others but themselves. It cannot be switch on when u need it. U need to keep practicing it. 

I think most pupils got my message. It made me satisfied. 


  1. I like your words, it reminds me to be thankful. I used to fall into self-pity and suffering many years ago, but now no more. Anyway, I think I overcome it, not by my own strength, let time do the work.

    1. KW,

      for most people, time heals all wound really apply. You are different, you have god as your "defense", you slowly see light. Some just go deeper and deeper like quick sand, 1 vicious cycle after another.

      The heart... we are all "sinned" but when there is little or none love, it attracts 1 evil thought after another...

  2. Hi SI,

    Give you good teacher award :) I like your lesson. A thankful heart is indeed a very powerful thing to have.

  3. Yes LP,

    it cannot be emphasized enough. Many values are interconnected. You have a thankful heart, you have humility etc and vice versa..

    The positive traits are counter forces to the evil ones like jealousy, etc...

    We are not saint... we are have our dark side, we need another side as "defense"

  4. SMOL,

    The actual same lesson, felt totally different with different pupils

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